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Street Football

Way back before social media, TV and videos games, playing football in the parks or in the street was something that kids did on a daily basis.  Kids would race home from school to be able to get at least 1 hour of football before they had to start their homework.  This would be repeated […]

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Be Health Conscious

Most parents are aware how important fitness and football are for their children, as children need to have exercise and if possible be part of a football team, but somethings we are incline to forget about healthy eating. Eating well can be hard, family schedules are so hectic today – grab and go food is […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

At First Touch we believe that creative and skilful football should be encouraged from the beginning of a young football player’s career.  Our coaches accept failure when it comes to winning trophies and always focus on encouraging players to have individualism and game understanding. Our young football players should understand that it is important for […]

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Parents & Football

For children that play football, their parents play a critical role in their development.  Parents should examine whether they are supporting their children’s development or hindering it. It is a fact, and we have seen the extremes, from the raving and ranting parents on the side-line as well as the parent who does not even […]

kids learning football

Your children may not be getting enough exercise! We often think that our dedicated and driven children are getting more than enough exercise, children need at least 1 hour exercise every day. Unfortunately obese children are even less active than normal-weight children and inactivity may actually be a consequence of obesity. There is a link […]

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