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Memories Are Built on Possibilities

I woke up incredibly early this morning, made myself a cup of tea and sat down on the coach with my feet up.  The first thing that came to my mind was the festive season and everything that we all do preparing for the holidays.  Each year we try and improve on what we did […]

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Life Today!

I went for a walk in the park today and decided to sit on the bench for a while to catch my breath, suddenly it hit me how life has changed, especially this year.  The park was quiet with hardly any kids running around and playing games. I remember as a child, many years ago, […]

Fruit & Veggies
Stay Healthy, Eat & Exercise

We find ourselves back in lock-down and once again trying to figure out “What’s for dinner” is yet another daily challenge. Panic buying is not necessary, but unfortunately many people feel the necessity to go out and buy trolley loads full of goods.  To make things worse some people are experience unemployment and loss of […]

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Outdoor & Indoor Fun

I had to try and explain to my daughter that we are hitting a crisis, and that we are in a strange, stressful, and emotionally exhausting period.  To be honest I was expecting a tantrum, but she looked up at me and said “Oh no Daddy here we go again, no more friends and playing […]

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Football Bench Sitting

During my coaching career I have found that there are players who know how to impress a coach, even at a young age. There are players I really think impress me because of what they do after practice, just by coming up to me and saying thank you coach, gets a smile on my face […]

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Sports is What Matters!

As a boy growing up in London, I was bullied at times and did not know how to be mentally and physically strong.  I loved sports, but unfortunately, we did not have the money for my parents to enrol me for sports camps or sports lessons.  Even though I was not very good at sport, […]

Tennis for All

All sports are great for so many different reasons, most sports offer great workouts camaraderie, competition, and fun.  Then we ask ourselves “what sport is the best”? Well tennis of course! No matter your age if you can hold a racket and take a swing at the ball you are ready to give tennis a […]

Football Offers So Much!

Football is the most popular game played on every continent and every season of the year, and why not? It is a fantastic game.  Football keeps kids active, leads to fewer injuries than in other sports and it is easy to learn, and most important it so much fun to play. Kids loves football and […]

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Do’s & Don’ts For Parents

Standing on the side-line watching a football match, I heard a parent shouting out inappropriate comments at the top of his voice that were not only directed at his own child, but at other teammates, coaches and the referee.  Some parents do not know how much this behaviour influence the child’s sporting experience or how […]

Small kids playing football
Benefits of Football for Toddlers

Tots (3-4 years) are just learning about group play, concepts like teamwork, fair play and sharing can be learned when playing football. We do not always think that a 3 year old needs to be physically fit, but one of the benefits of playing football is that gives a 3 year old a period of […]

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