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Old Fashioned Games

After weeks of lock-down and having to stay indoors as much as possible, we are running out of ideas how to keep the kids busy and we need to stick to a budget. The following games are easy to set up and will save the day from boredom and kids will have loads of fun. […]

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Football The Wonder Drug

Today we are all aware that any sport or physical activity will help to develop good movement skills and physical literacy. If we had to pick one sport that develop most capacities and skill it would have to be football. The basic levels of developing literacy include a long list of fundamental movement skills, the […]

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Stress Eating

We all have different ways of dealing with stress, some of us would go for a long run, others like to meditate. With the gyms closed and so much uncertainty surrounding our new “Normal” most of us are now seeking “happiness” in that most trustworthy of friends -FOOD. We should be concerned about our obesity […]

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Training Your Brain

Social distancing may require us to take more deliberate actions to exercise our thinking skills, the saying “use it or lose it” is a rather accurate illustration of how our brains change over time and that our minds need exercise to remain sharp.  Cognitive reserve describes the general tendency of our thinking skills and memory […]

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We will get through this TOGETHER.

It is an uncertain time for all, for the foreseeable future, living better will mean standing together – to share, to support and to give hope. We thank you for standing with us as we all get used to a new way of living.  Keeping fit and exercising is especially important. As if motivating ourselves […]

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First Touch Videos!

A few weeks ago, we were able to spend our time outside whenever we wished, our kids could go to their football practice without a worry and the phrase “social distancing” did not mean much to most of us. Unfortunately, today we hear it frequently and it is all about flattening the curve by physically […]

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Games to Play

Whether it is snowing, raining or Covid 19 and you must keep the children indoors, exercise games are a great way to get the family giggling and away from the TV, iPods, etc. and just having fun. First Touch have put together a few indoor games focusing on fun and exercising.  These games are a […]

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New Challenges

Many families now face new challenges on how do we care for our children while working and schooling from home and not panic during this unprecedented outbreak.  Start by taking a deep breath knowing that you are all in this together and you will get through it. First Touch have a few tips to help […]

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Is your Belly Growing?

Working from home and having to stay indoors is tough and we are inclined to sit around more than before and enjoying a few too many snacks.  If you do nothing else today to protect your health, maybe consider taking an honest measurement of your waist.  In general, if a woman’s waist measure more then […]

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Something New

Another day in lock-down and for a lot us the stress levels are high; we need to stay positive and make the best of our time during lock-down.  Once you sit down and think about everything you can do, you will be surprised at what you can do.  Music, spending time with your pets and […]