A Day in Life

Our blogs are normally about sports, but today I want to share a day in my life with you.  Waking up yesterday morning, once again it dawned on me that it is just another day in lock-down, so I started with my normal chores around the house and then settled in to start working, as […]

First Touch winning Camden Youth league
League Football

First Touch Football league offer tons of benefits to your children, beyond just being an outlet for their excess energy there are more benefits. Registering your child at First Touch will help keep them active in an organized and supervised environment.  Football is an extremely popular team sport and contains positive social and motivational factors […]

A balanced diet
Treat Your Kids

During the lock-down period we are quite sure many of us have overindulged a little on the “sugary side”, that includes some of us allowing our kids more sugar than before.  For those of us who have a “sweet tooth” it is always difficulty to try and avoid sugar, whether it is sweets or desserts […]

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Hand-eye Coordination

By kids participating in sports they will further develop their hand-eye coordination.  Hand-eye coordination allow the eyes to track the movement of the hands naturally, which is very importance for handwriting and reading.  It also plays a role in directing hand-held objects with precision and is good for balance. Sports play a big role in […]

New 11
Parents Involvement in Sports

By now most us know how good sports are for kids by keeping them fit, develop skills make friends and learn to manage emotional highs and lows.  As parents we can help our kids be a good at sports by being a good role model and encouraging a positive attitude and showing interest.  Focusing on […]

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Activities & Healthy Eating

Children need to eat the correct amount of mixed foods to support that higher level of activity, but the mix do not have too differ from a normal healthy diet.  Eating for sports should be an extension of healthy eating. Eating well-balanced, healthy meals and snacks will provide the nutrients needed to perform well in […]

Playing football
Bizarre Football Stories

Football has some of the most humorous and bizarre stories around that will leave your shaking your head in disbelief. In 1945 Arsenal played a friendly against Dynamo Moscow at White Hart Lane in heavy fog.  Despite the urging of players to suspend play, the referee decided that play should go on. During this game, […]

Getting Back Into Football

At First Touch we are aware of the pressures that has been put on everyone worldwide and hopefully this come to an end, but until then we need to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy. Some good news our league football matches will be kicking off during September and we are looking […]

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Football Covers It All

Football Fun Football is extremely popular amongst adults as well as children and there are many benefits of playing football. Football is excellent exercises football practice, drills and games gives children an awesome cardiovascular workout and improves strength and flexibility.  Diving to stop the opponent from scoring and dashing down the field, leaping up to […]