Our blogs are normally about sports, but today I want to share a day in my life with you. 

Waking up yesterday morning, once again it dawned on me that it is just another day in lock-down, so I started with my normal chores around the house and then settled in to start working, as I am one of the lucky ones to be able to work from home.

As the day went by, I started feeling less positive about everything around me, even more than the days before.  By the time I had to make a “healthy” lunch, I opened the fridge looked at those green leafed veggies, fruits and slammed the fridge door, turned around and went and sat on the couch.  There I sat for a few minutes, got back up opened the fridge door and just shut it again, turned around got a pack of crispy chips, my favourite cookies, and a soda pop.  I curled up on the couch and got stuck into the cookies, then the chips and washed it down with a soda pop filled with sugar.

I hate to admit it, but it actually made me feel “good” for a while, I then settled in to continue working and found that my concentration was bad, I wanted to sleep and that little nagging voice kept going on in my head, asking me if it really was necessary to eat all the cookies and chips.  For a while I kept thinking that it is fine, as I needed to feel better.

Well I can assure you that cookies, chips, and soda pop only did the trick for a little while, and leaving me feeling even more negative than I was feeling early morning and I started battling to concentrate on my work.  Again I made the trip to the fridge and looked at the healthy items in my fridge, but my tummy was full and I realised that it would not help to eat healthy now, so what was my next brain wave, a good long walk.

I grabbed my doggie’s lead, obviously he was very excited and off we went, but again a wrong decision as he decided he wanted to go left and the sun was in my eyes, but I kept going squinting my eyes trying to avoid the sun in my face.  On my return the sun was on my back and I could feel the warmth which made me feel so much better.

Getting back home my dog discovered his tennis ball and came running back to me dropping the ball at my feet, I tried to explain to him that I needed to get back to work, but he looked at me with his big brown eyes, begging to play just a little while. 

Well the little while turned into a long while with me chasing him and throwing the ball, watching him jump up into the air, catching the ball and bringing it back to me.  My dog eventually decided that he had had more than enough exercise for the day and went and curled up on his blanket next to my bed, but I wanted to play more, so I took the tennis ball and started throwing it against the wall and catching it first with the one hand then the other.  Soon I was throwing the ball against the wall and tried the spin around before catching it, this proofed to be a bit more difficult, but after a few tries I managed to spin around and catch the ball. 

I must admit that after my long walk and playing with the ball I was tired, but an amazing tired as if all my muscles had relaxed and I also noticed that my concentration had returned. It made me realize that I could face the rest of the day without feeling guilty about my overindulging.

So, what I am trying to bring across is that even if we are in lock down, limited to activities and social distancing, or feeling a little negative, sport in any form is one of the best treatments for the body and mind.

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