Football has been a passion since I can remember and that is one of the reasons, I started First Touch FC in 2011.

During one of the weekend football sessions the Mum of one of the players was telling me that football has become a special time in their lives.  She continued telling me that since her son joined First Touch everything in their home revolved around football, I could not help but to smile broadly as it almost sounded like my Mum when I was young. 

The thought of the weekend sessions where part of her son’s excitement during the week. Her son came back from his first sessions and told her “Mum, I am a lefty and that is because I shoot with my left foot”. She said that she could never understand all this excitement of players running behind a ball and one guarding the goals, until she started coming to her son’s football sessions.

She and her husband thought it was something new and as time went by, he would find something else to do, but three years after joining First Touch he is just as excited to go to practice as he was the first day.  He has put his heart and soul into football and whether the wind is blowing or bitterly cold outside he is always ready on a Saturday morning, while she is still snuggled up in bed.

As parents they had to practice some discipline and remind him that his education was especially important and that his schoolwork came first.  At first, there was some nightmare days where he would go into fits of rage telling them that he never wants to be a doctor, lawyer, or anything like that, he wants to become a professional football player. 

After a week of battling to get her son to do his homework, she started feeling rather despondent as she did not want to cancel her son’s football sessions and decided the Saturday morning to go to his weekend session and make her decision afterwards. 

That morning she met one her son’s friends Mum who told her that she had the same problem and spoke to the coach, he suggested that they maybe try the Life Coaching that First Touch offers.  Well, this turned out perfectly for them, so the Mum decided that she was going to try the same and found that the results was amazing.

The Mum continued to tell me it is a pleasure to see her son attending to his homework, with no more arguments.  Once he is done, he grabs his football and plays outside until he is exhausted but happy. 

He found that he was battling a bit with goalkeeping and we enrolled him for a few one-on-one private lessons, which helped him immensely it even made him more confident to succeed in more than one way.

As a coach it is wonderful to hear a Mum say, “I love coming to watch my son play especially because he is having a lot of fun, as well as the way his football training has helped him organize his life, after all  to see him happy makes me happy”.

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