For parents to raise sports active kids is difficult, they feel pressure to help their kids succeed and to keep up with other parents in increasingly winner-take-all society.  So often parents feel that if they do not do everything for their children, they are bad parents.  Sadly, some parents seen to take pride in how busy and stressed their lives and those of their kids are, as it is measures how successful they are as parents.  Parents intuitively know how to balance their kid’s development yet seem to be ignoring their own intuition by over-scheduling and over-stressing the kids.

It is important to have a balance in live, be honest with yourself and your children if you and/or your child is overextended recognize it and talk to our kids instead of worrying that if you do not go the extra mile your kids will somehow suffer and fall behind their peers.  Often kids seem to get the message from society that they can have it all.  So, by setting priorities and understanding that you only have so many hours in the day and only so much money is something every child must learn and the sooner the better.

Balance sports and family life try to set aside one night a week as family game night, you choose a board game, make tacos or play card games and just be together.  Should you kids play football over the weekends take this time to set aside some time for you to relax or do something that you enjoy “without the kids”.

Find the level of sports and extracurricular participation that works for your child and your family. Take your cues from your children and trust your intuition. Some kids like one sport and one team per season other kids thrive on more intense involvement.  It is a good idea to help our kid learn to structure their own schedule and find personal balance between activities and downtime.

As much as kids enjoys sports, schoolwork should always remain an important factor in their lives.  There should also be a good balance between schoolwork, sports and social life, by applying this, children are inclined to adjust better and be happier.

Unfortunately, some parents spend so much time and money optimizing the kid’s success yet the one thing they forget about often is to make sure kids get enough sleep. Sometimes boredom is actually good for kids, it gives them the opportunity to think and be creative – kids need to grow up feeling comfortable with silence.

For parents it is almost impossible to create a balance within your family’s life every day, but it is up to you as the parent to make certain that your kids do not over schedule and establish the right priorities.

Kids must remember sport is having fun as much as winning.


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