At First Touch we strongly believe that football benefits for your kids can be tremendous, as football builds healthy kids from a physical standpoint and offers one of the best ways, if not the best way for children to get in top physical shape.

Falid Shahin is the Founder and Head Coach of First Touch FC, with 16 years experience as a Football Coach, he provides an unparalled amount of insight and coaching.  By offering weekend football training, he is able to provide the team with outstanding resources and advice based on a wide variety of issues.

As a former Fulham Football youth team player he understands the importance of weekend football training, the need for kids to belong in a team and have teammates. Falid brings a professional and highly technical understanding of the football game, he utilizes his understanding and experience while coaching the children and by doing this, the young athletes are seeing their hard work pay off when it counts most.

To win as a team children must play as a team, which includes passing and communicating on the field.  Your child might even learn he or she is better at communicating on the football field that they have been anywhere else.  There is less a chance of individual humiliation of the football field (although is may happen). Generally the teams actions are noticed more than individual actions.

Children playing football improves their flexibility, body composition (lowering the percentage of body fat) while increasing muscle mass as well as cardiovascular capacity.

As well as all the health benefits of football it heightens sense of self-confidence and increases social skills.  By playing a league match with other peers forces children to interact in ways they do not learn at school. 

By enrolling your child at First Touch FC weekend football training, your child will be able to balance school, family, health and personal time in their schedule, but it will be a fun schedule.  So, it is always a good idea to enrol you kids at an early age so they can learn how to priorities all the necessary tasks and obligations that make up their daily lives.

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