Tots (3-4 years) are just learning about group play, concepts like teamwork, fair play and sharing can be learned when playing football.

We do not always think that a 3 year old needs to be physically fit, but one of the benefits of playing football is that gives a 3 year old a period of walking, running slowly and also sprinting which is great to develop their stamina, agility and speed and teaches kids the importance of teamwork. 

The best part of this type of training is that it comes automatically when playing football.  Tots do not want to do repetitive sprints and no long boring run to gain endurance. They will not only gain physical benefits, but also a higher sense of self-confidence and increase social skills. 

Visual-spatial awareness and problem-solving skills can improve, as football is a fast-paced game, with constant changing situations. By following the movement of other players and the ball involves focus and attention that improves mental awareness.

At First Touch we strongly believe that football is a great sport for teaching tots the foundations of strength, endurance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Tots love playing football and they have lots of fun as football involves a ball that they can kick around. For our coaches, an added bonus is the cuteness of toddlers chasing a football.

So why wait, enroll your toddlers with First Touch and give them the opportunity of having loads of fun while enjoying football.

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