Sport Makes Us Positive

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a drive to the shopping mall to price sports equipment, well who would have thought that this trip would be a nightmare.  I could not believe how impatient and rude people are at times on the road, from an impatient horn blowing when a vehicle took a little bit […]

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A Mum’s Story

Football has been a passion since I can remember and that is one of the reasons, I started First Touch FC in 2011. During one of the weekend football sessions the Mum of one of the players was telling me that football has become a special time in their lives.  She continued telling me that […]


I am a firm believer in waking up early in the morning, even on bitterly cold mornings.  This morning was no different but somehow the saying “an early bird catches the worm” was the first thing I thought of as well as, why do we want to improve ourselves? I am sure that it is […]

First Touch Goal keeper
Goals Old & New

By now most of us are very frustrated by the lock-down, hearing all about it basically every time we turn on the TV, but believe it or not there might be something positive about it after all.  Yesterday it gave me the time to clean and clear out our club storeroom.  While I was carrying […]

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Nutrition & Sport

Have you ever woken up with a craving for a certain kind of breakfast, well this morning was one of those days for me?  Oats made in a pot on the stove was my craving for this morning, with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  It brought back happy memories of my Mum getting up […]

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Intelligence & Sport

As a child I loved sport, but I was not allowed to go to the park during the week, therefore I could never wait for school to finish so that I could go kick a ball in our backyard. Fortunately, Dad and Mum loved sports and education, and they would always discuss if it were […]

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What’s New

Three years ago, it would never have crossed my mind that our lives would change so drastically, especially when it came to the holiday season.  I looked forward to shopping for toys for the kids and would get excited playing with the kids and their new toys, I did not like to stop for the […]

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Time to Think!

A long walk in the park with my dog was what I needed to set things right for the day.  While taking a short break sitting on the park bench, I noticed a few kids kicking a ball, or riding a bike. I realised that there must be lots of kids that are bored as […]

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Memories Are Built on Possibilities

I woke up incredibly early this morning, made myself a cup of tea and sat down on the coach with my feet up.  The first thing that came to my mind was the festive season and everything that we all do preparing for the holidays.  Each year we try and improve on what we did […]

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Life Today!

I went for a walk in the park today and decided to sit on the bench for a while to catch my breath, suddenly it hit me how life has changed, especially this year.  The park was quiet with hardly any kids running around and playing games. I remember as a child, many years ago, […]

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