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How to Prepare Kids Before a Football Match

With the arrival of your kids football match day, it can be a bit difficult for them to keep their nerves in check, but with a little pre-planning and rest assurance from a parent your kid will be able to focus on their match – playing hard and hopefully winning. These are a few simple […]

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The Difference Between Training & Team Practice

All football players practice, but true league team players train and this difference is a big deal.  Weekends kids come to practice, they dribble through cones, learn new moves and get the opportunity to scrimmage at the end to mimic game application.  As kids get older their teams may become more skilled and play against […]

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Kicking with Both Feet!

For kids ages 4-7 the development of this singular football skill can potentially double the number of goals and great passes for them this season.  The cool thing is that this simple skill is easy to teach, but it takes a lot of repetitions to develop. The skill we are referring to the skill of […]

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7 Healthy Tips for the Brain

In today’s rushed life kids whiz from classroom to sport activities to home and back again, during this time their brains are growing and changing rapidly. The foods that kids eat are critical important for brain development and what they eat affects cognitive and focus skills. Here are 7 ideas of foods that help kids […]

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Football for Girls

Football is a great game for girls – it is definitely more than just kicking a ball around a field and offers girls the opportunity to grow in many ways. First Touch have great coaches and support staff who encourage girls in positive ways, which gives girls a way to feel successful.  Football is a […]

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Why are Kids Birthday Parties Important?

We often wonder why kids birthday parties are so important to kids, well for kids it is an important milestone and parents should take it seriously.  The reality is that celebrating your kids birthday party is not the magic solution for good parenting, but it is a big ticket item that makes a difference.  If […]

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Recreational & League Football

Recreational football primarily devotes itself to the development and enjoyment of children without the emphasis on high-level pressure to win.  The propose is to provide an opportunity for the children to have fun, play with a sense of team and community, develop skills and learn the sport. The benefits of recreation football are: Provides a […]

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Picky Eaters

Children often are picky eaters and they are going through a normal developmental stage. Just as it takes numerous repetitions for advertising to convince an adult consumer to buy, it takes most children 8-10 presentations of a new food before they will openly accept it and hopefully enjoy it. Instead of insisting that your child […]

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Don’t Worry Be Happy!

Have you noticed that your child is displaying symptoms of stress or anxiety? Maybe you have noticed that your child is becoming withdrawn or behaving poorly in school and at home, lacking focus, concentration and struggling to make and sustain friendships and may even be displaying physical symptoms such as tummy ache or headaches. Our […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

As a kid what I enjoyed most about new Year’s Eve was trying to stay awake until midnight.  My parents always gave me the opportunity, but my heavy eyelids usually got the better of me well before the new year arrived.  If I remember correctly eventually when I was 11 years old I managed to […]

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