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Children & Sports

As a kid it did not take me long to find my bliss, since I can remember being able to kick a ball or hit a tennis ball against the wall brought me great joy. Today it is so much easier with sport camps and clubs to help children find their bliss in playing sport, […]

Training kids First Touch
Multi-Sports & Football Camps

During this time parents have many concerns and Easter Camp may not be on their priority list.  Children have had to stay home because of Covid-19 and have missed out on their friends, sports, and other activities.   Most children have been cooped up at home, interacting with their friends, classmates, and teachers digitally via […]

First Touch football training for kids
Hand-Eye Coordination

Eye-foot Coordination Have you ever stopped to think about how important our children’s feet are? After all  they enable children to move and enjoy partaking in sports.  As a parent it is important to  encourage eye-foot coordination by teaching children how to use their feet.  Kicking a ball, jumping up and down, stamping in puddles […]

Fantasies or Truths?

This morning at the breakfast table, my daughter looked at me with big shinning eyes telling me that she rode a unicorn.  Children have wonderful imaginations, and they present fantasies as truths.  I believe most adults, if not all adults told lies when they were kids, from there is a monster under my bed that […]

Sport Makes Us Positive

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a drive to the shopping mall to price sports equipment, well who would have thought that this trip would be a nightmare.  I could not believe how impatient and rude people are at times on the road, from an impatient horn blowing when a vehicle took a little bit […]

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A Mum’s Story

Football has been a passion since I can remember and that is one of the reasons, I started First Touch FC in 2011. During one of the weekend football sessions the Mum of one of the players was telling me that football has become a special time in their lives.  She continued telling me that […]


I am a firm believer in waking up early in the morning, even on bitterly cold mornings.  This morning was no different but somehow the saying “an early bird catches the worm” was the first thing I thought of as well as, why do we want to improve ourselves? I am sure that it is […]

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Goals Old & New

By now most of us are very frustrated by the lock-down, hearing all about it basically every time we turn on the TV, but believe it or not there might be something positive about it after all.  Yesterday it gave me the time to clean and clear out our club storeroom.  While I was carrying […]

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Nutrition & Sport

Have you ever woken up with a craving for a certain kind of breakfast, well this morning was one of those days for me?  Oats made in a pot on the stove was my craving for this morning, with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  It brought back happy memories of my Mum getting up […]

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Intelligence & Sport

As a child I loved sport, but I was not allowed to go to the park during the week, therefore I could never wait for school to finish so that I could go kick a ball in our backyard. Fortunately, Dad and Mum loved sports and education, and they would always discuss if it were […]

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