Have you noticed that your child is displaying symptoms of stress or anxiety? Maybe you have noticed that your child is becoming withdrawn or behaving poorly in school and at home, lacking focus, concentration and struggling to make and sustain friendships and may even be displaying physical symptoms such as tummy ache or headaches.

Our lives are so busy nowadays and this includes our children and sometimes we forget that they are affected by our busy schedules. A child’s mind become so full and overworked that they do not realise they are becoming stressed by this.

Luckily there are some simple practical solutions that can really help to ease this anxiety and incorporate well-being into your child’s life. 

It is no secret that playing sports helps kids stay physically active, this is especially true when it comes to football, besides the goalkeeper, football players continuously move up and down the field.  Playing football does not just improve your child’s physical health, but improves moods as well.  Physical activity releases chemicals in the brain which triggers feelings of happiness.  So whether it is football camps, training or league, playing football can help children feel happier each and every day.

At First Touch our young players continue to learn from their football coaches and develop skills and abilities as well as gain more confidence.  Sometimes it can be difficult for young children to build confidence, but that is not the case on the football field.  Self-confidence is something all young kids should have, and young athletes will feel a boost of confidence both on and off the field.

Children playing football quickly start to build strong relationships, as a team sport players have come together to do their best and win the game.  So between football coaches and their young players, everyone will become close and learn how to work together to achieve their goals.  It is necessary in a child’s life to have people to rely on, but especially at a young age and players can benefit greatly from building a strong relationship with their teammates.

Football is not just great for children with anxiety, it has wonderful health benefits as well and can be a great workout and lots of fun, some benefits are:

  • Builds strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Lowers body fat and improves muscle tone.
  • Increases muscle and bone strength.
  • Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • Teaches coordination.
  • Young children can easily join in the fun and play basic football.

These are just a few benefits for children playing football, by enrolling your child at First Touch, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe environment with qualified coaches.

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