Family Time

This morning I decided to look at the bright side of life, wearing a mask is rather great in the cold weather as my nose stays warm and I can skip shaving, which is a bonus on cold mornings. I can imagine for ladies it might also be great as they need to apply less make-up and only concentrate on their eyes. 

Life has become like a roller coaster, out of lock down, back into lock down and “normal life” has become the “new normal”.  As an adult we somehow understand that we need to adapt, but for children it might be a totally different understanding, some might feel like they are being punished for something they have not done.  They are no longer allowed to go play with all their friends, have friends over to visit or even go in a group of friends to the park to kick a ball or ride a bike, no high fives when kicking a goal or just a friendly hug when saying goodbye.

For kids that have joined First Touch FC weekend football sessions, giving them the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills, it must make them feel even more sad.  Till today I can still remember the excitement that once school was out I could possibly go with my friends and play some football in the park or on a Friday knowing that tomorrow was my day for football, the great feeling of meeting my friends on the pitch for practice or a match and the celebration if we won, with Mum and Dad standing on the side-line cheering us on.

Unfortunately for the time being this has all changed and adults and children have learnt to adopt a new lifestyle, hopefully this will change in the near future, but until then online schooling, fitness etc. is the new “In Thing”. 

Most children have a laptop or iPad etc. so for them to get the link for Zoom to enjoy online sessions is an easy process. Online session are great and once children are all geared up for the online fitness, fun football, quizzes etc, they will soon become almost just as excited as going out to play. For parents this can also give peace of mind as kids will be safe whilst having fun and keeping fit. 

First Touch Zoom online sessions are amazing, affordable and could be lots of fun as the family can enjoy an hour of spending time together and setting challenges for each other.  Bookings are easy  via our App or by emailing info@first-touch.co.uk.