First Touch An F.A. Affliated Kids Football Club Located In Central London, UK. Tue, 13 Oct 2020 13:14:21 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Football Offers So Much! Tue, 13 Oct 2020 13:14:18 +0000 Football is the most popular game played on every continent and every season of the year, and why not? It is a fantastic game.  Football keeps kids active, leads to fewer injuries than in other sports and it is easy to learn, and most important it so much fun to play.

Kids loves football and play in parks with their friends and family, they get to practice scoring goals and dribbling.  Skill and fun levels increase with the more opportunity kids have to practice and play and there are so many creative ways to introducing kids to the game and to continue lifelong learning which focus on the skills in football, controlling the ball, shooting, dribbling etc.

At First Touch we focus on encouragement, teamwork, enthusiasm and enjoyment while training kids, as we believe that as the child grows in their knowledge and love of the game, the bigger the chances are that they will become lifelong enthusiasts of wellness and physical activity.

It is important to have kids in the correct age groups, as kids 3-6 years old needs to be encouraged to share the ball, which at time could be a hard strategy to teach them.  Kids love to run with the ball themselves and do not always want to let go once they have the ball in their possession.  As they mature in the game, they learn how to give their team mates the ball.  We found that by focusing on the fun stage of football, kids are likely to fall in love with the game and will want to continue playing.

Children 7-9 years begin to learn that success will come from moving the ball effectively and at this stage we focus on fundamental skills, movement, and fun.  By keeping children engaged with stimulating activities remain an important factor as most attention spans are still not long at this age.  Our coaches always keep in mind that some kids may be coming to play football for the first time, and they give individual attention to all players by recognizing their level of proficiency.

Players aged 10 to 13 years old are ready to learn the more tactical and technical parts of football while still having fun.  During training we focus on agility, balance, creativity and speed.  At this age kids love to be challenged and our coaches use activities to develop skills while still keeping players engaged.

Football is truly a fun, popular and accessible sport and the more the focus is kept on age-appropriate, skill-developing, and fun the more engaged your child will be with the sport and they will want to get out and play

So why wait? Lace up their cleats and enroll at First Touch give your child the opportunity to have loads of fun and learn new skills, technique, tactic, social skills and so much more.

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Do’s & Don’ts For Parents Fri, 09 Oct 2020 11:25:37 +0000 Standing on the side-line watching a football match, I heard a parent shouting out inappropriate comments at the top of his voice that were not only directed at his own child, but at other teammates, coaches and the referee.  Some parents do not know how much this behaviour influence the child’s sporting experience or how much they should be involved in their child’s football.

It goes without saying that parents play an important role in the sporting development of their child.  However, parents should take caution in their approach as their behaviour can have negative and positive effects on their child’s sporting experience.

If parents are positive when supporting their children in their football, children are more likely to enjoy their football experience. Positive parental involvement can help develop important skills such as motivation, social skills, and self-esteem.  These skills are valuable and transfers and facilitates development in other areas of life, such as extra-curricular activities and school.  Skill transfer is more effective when a child has a greater self-awareness of their own life skills.  Parents can further assist skill development by encouraging their children to think about what skills they are gaining from football.

Parents can unknowingly create a stressful football environment by placing too much emphasis on the importance on participation.  The parent shouting from the side-line, may think that it is helpful and a form of encouragement, but actually it is more likely to be considered as a hindrance by the child and place additional pressure on them.

The importance role that parents play in their children sport is unquestionable, but caution must be taken to ensure the sporting development of the child is not hindered.

There are Do’s and Don’ts, so remember next time you are watching your child playing a football match:


  • Put trust in the coaches’ methods, as if the same messages are being portrayed by both the coach and the parent there is a lower chance of your child becoming confused and they will be able to focus more on working towards set goals.
  • By encouraging your child to develop their own self-awareness they have gained, it will enhance their self-confidence and facilitate the transfer of such skills to other areas of life.
  • Providing tangible and emotional support it will reassure your child that you are there when they need you.


  • Providing inappropriate coaching advice may provide conflicting messages to which they have received from the coach.  Should you have a disagreement with the coach it is better to talk it through and have a quiet discussion with them another time.
  • Parents may think by being over-involved is a way to show how much they care, there is a fine line between supporting your child and over involvement.
  • Put to much pressure on and emphasis the importance of winning and success. For children it is about enjoying their sport no matter what standard of competition.  Additional pressure can take away the enjoyment and detrimental to their performance.
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Benefits of Football for Toddlers Thu, 01 Oct 2020 14:41:45 +0000

Tots (3-4 years) are just learning about group play, concepts like teamwork, fair play and sharing can be learned when playing football.

We do not always think that a 3 year old needs to be physically fit, but one of the benefits of playing football is that gives a 3 year old a period of walking, running slowly and also sprinting which is great to develop their stamina, agility and speed and teaches kids the importance of teamwork. 

The best part of this type of training is that it comes automatically when playing football.  Tots do not want to do repetitive sprints and no long boring run to gain endurance. They will not only gain physical benefits, but also a higher sense of self-confidence and increase social skills. 

Visual-spatial awareness and problem-solving skills can improve, as football is a fast-paced game, with constant changing situations. By following the movement of other players and the ball involves focus and attention that improves mental awareness.

At First Touch we strongly believe that football is a great sport for teaching tots the foundations of strength, endurance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Tots love playing football and they have lots of fun as football involves a ball that they can kick around. For our coaches, an added bonus is the cuteness of toddlers chasing a football.

So why wait, enroll your toddlers with First Touch and give them the opportunity of having loads of fun while enjoying football.

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“Does a Coach Just Blow His Whistle?” Wed, 16 Sep 2020 09:27:57 +0000 Over the weekend a little boy came up to me and asked me “does a coach just blow his whistle”? This got me thinking, “does a coach just blow his whistle”? After the session I took some time to think about the little boy’s comment as well as the First Touch coaches, how we do our coaching and what our job as a coach is all about.

A good coach must be enthusiastic, positive, supportive, trusting, goal-oriented, focused, knowledgeable, respectful, observant, patient, and a clear communicator.  Our coaches understand the sport and leads by example to be able to teach effectively, they have in-depth understanding of the sport from the fundamental skills to advanced strategy and tactics.  Coaches needs to plan for the sessions, know the rules and provide a structured environment for our young football players.  Our coaches have a recognised qualification from the governing body for football. 

Even though our coaches know a great deal about football, they must continue to learn and develop new training techniques.  We need to stay up-to-date and informed of new research and training which supports the coaching process, we seek out tips from other coaches and players.

Obtaining and sharing knowledge is important but having the confidence to share and seek others’ view is our key quality.  By trying different ideas and new things is to improve our performance.  Our coaches are motivators with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for football and this is part of the formula for our success.  By being able to motivate and keeping the practice fun, challenging and fresh, players generate the desire to excel in their football.

It is important for a coach to make sure that the players understand that they can completely control their own efforts and training, but they cannot control what their opponent does or the outcome of every match.  We always bear in mind that fun and enjoyment are the cornerstones to successful coaching.

A coach needs to pay attention to the players strengths, weaknesses, and emotions, understanding that every player is different, and they have different ways of receiving coaching information especially in a team game.  Clear communication by setting defined goals, direct feedback and reinforcing the key messages. Coaches are a bit like teachers, language is a key part of coaching and keeping things simple and easy to understand is part of being a good coach.  We need to have a compassionate ear and ever player should be able to give their comments, input, and questions.

Trust between the coach and players are of paramount importance and essential for successful coaching.  Coaches are in the profession because they love it, beside being strongly committed to the sports and success, we are committed to look out for the best interest of the players.  In many ways coaching is a 24/7 365-days-a-year job as we live and sleep the art of coaching.  So, my answer to the little boy asking, “does a coach just blow his whistle?” is no we do much more.

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Benefit of Life Coaching for Children Sat, 05 Sep 2020 11:31:57 +0000 Children today have a list of demands they find themselves dealing with, they have to manage expectations of their parents, teachers, friends, succeeding with their hobbies, personal development, their health, and simply having to make sense of the world around them.

As parents we want to see our children succeed and not struggle, life coaching offers so much from advice, guidance and support them through difficult transitions from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

It is rare that we consider the concepts of goal setting for our kids, but why not? It is not about putting pressure on our children to make difficult decisions for their future, but rather about encouraging them to be curious about what life might look like for them.

For young children coaching can help begin to develop some of the personal skills that will aid them as they get older, e.g.:

  • Creative problem solving.
  • Collaboration.
  • Sharing.
  • Resilience.
  • Overcome failure.
  • Confidence.
  • Open approach to new ideas and challenges.

Life coaching for children offers lots of benefits as it helps them develop life skills and attributes that will enable them to work through and overcome some of life’s tougher challenges and decisions. Coaching is not a quick fix or win, but a focus on continual development over time.

Coaching helps kids understand that winning is great, but it is not the only measure of success or way to feel happy.

Often kids go through a rollercoaster of emotions during a day, whatever is happening in their life, how tired they feel or even if their juice was served in the wrong colour cup.  Life coaching can help you and your child explore why emotions arose and separate them from their experiences.  This is particularly beneficial if they get a low grade or lose a competition. It helps them to understand why they are feeling sad because they did not do as well as the hoped and that it is fine as the one experience does not define who they are.

Coaching help to build balance and curiosity, when a kid shows a knack for something, they get caught up and focus on that one thing, whether it is football, baseball, musical or any other hobby. Something to always remember is that children take their cues from parents and often they will go along with this.  Life coaching encourages balance while ensuring affinity to a particular thing, having multiple interests and curiosity to explore new areas that would be more beneficial in the long run.

It is good for kids to understand that everyone is different and by not pigeonholing them to be interested in just one thing, of maybe even things that we as parents are interested in, allows kids to develop a greater understanding for the wide remit of passions and interests that exist and they learn that there are no right or wrong things to enjoy or ways to be happy.

The amazing thing about life coaching for kids are that they learn what really makes them feel happy and that it is about trying their best, working hard, and overcoming hurdles when they arise.  Coaching provides a set of tools and techniques to help shape good habits and attributes in fun positive ways.

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Sports – Mental Impact Tue, 01 Sep 2020 13:15:31 +0000 As parents we sometimes forget how tough it can be to be a kid. Today kids must deal with a lot in our fast-paced world. To add to this technology has had an enormous impact on our kids’ well-being and that can include some negative ways.  Unfortunately, bullying is no longer limited to the four walls of the school, lots of kids spend too much time in front of the screen.  Often kids are isolated and stressed out, which could lead to problems later in their lives.

Kids participating in sports can benefit in several different emotionally, physical, and socially.  Children’s psychological development is influenced by a variety of factors, home life, physical activities, and social interaction.  Regular exercises help children develop better attention, creativity, mood, and information processing.  Sports improves behaviour, self-esteem, and academic performance.

Unfortunately, kids are bombarded with unhealthy messages that can harm their body image, confidence, and self-esteem.  Children might be bullied or develop anxiety and depression.  Enrolling your kids at First Touch FC lets your kids be in a supportive environment, helping to improve mental health and help kids develop a healthy body image. For kids that struggle with self-esteem, team sports can help them feel like an important part of something bigger than themselves.

The challenging aspect of growing up is to learn to interact with others, getting comfortable in a new social situation and making friends, team sports help kids build friendships and connections.  They develop skills in collaboration and social skills while they are learning the value of team efforts.  Often kids form friendships and connections that lasts for decades.

Teachers and parents are typically the most important adults in children’s life, but a coach can become a mentor fulfilling an important role as well.  For kids, a coach is someone new to engage with, and someone to ask for help when needed.  First Touch coaches help kids push past challenges, accomplish things they never thought they could and develop new skills. There is such an enormous value for a kid in having a trusted mentor and a youth sports coach often naturally takes on this role.

At a young age, kids are still busy figuring out who they are and by participating in sports it helps kids work through the ups and downs and builds their character.  Kids even start to develop leadership skills when playing team sports. 

Sports creates discipline and dedication; it helps develop positive work habits and teaches them to work toward goals.

It is always important to ensure a kid’s safety on a sports team, but there are very few downsides to youth sports and a huge number of benefits.  Sports get kids on the right track for a happy, healthy life by building skills therefore it is important that we realize that youth sports are crucial for emotional and mental health and well as physical health.

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Healthy Eating & Activities Wed, 26 Aug 2020 15:23:28 +0000 These days there is a lot of talk about fit kids from parents, doctors, and teachers who all cares, but how do we as parents achieve this?

We say to our kids, eat well, get a lot of exercise and your body will work well, feel good and you can do things like run around with your friends and have fun.  Some part of this is up to parents, by serving healthy meals and deciding to go on a family nature hike, or by enrolling their kids at First Touch for football, multi-sports, and fitness classes. Although it is also important for kids to take charge when it comes to their health.

By following a few simple rules your kids could benefit and enjoy a lifestyle of health and fitness.

We all have our favourite food, but try eating a variety of food, if you eat different foods you are more likely to get the nutrients your body needs.  When it comes to green veggies, some kids will only enjoy them when they get older, make these “attractive” for the younger kids.  Shoot for at least five servings of fruits and veggies a day, three veggies and two fruits.

Try this is might work for you:

  • Add 4 Large strawberries on your cereal for breakfast.
  • Add 6 baby carrots to your lunch.
  • An apple for a snack.
  • For dinner, ½ cup broccoli and 1 cup of salad.

When you are really thirst have a glass of milk or cold water, water is still the best thirst-quencher.  Milk contains calcium to help build strong bones.  100% Juice is great, try to avoid sugary drinks, like sodas as they contain a lot of added sugar.

Learn to listen to your body, when you are eating notice how your body feels and when your tummy feels comfortably full, is time to stop eating.  Eating too much make you feel uncomfortable and could lead to being unhealthy.

For some parents it is difficult to limit screen time as kids loves to spend time watching DVD’s, playing video games, watching TV, using a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  The more time kids spend with these sitting-down activities the less time they have for active fun, like football, bike riding and swimming to name just a few.  Try getting your kids to spend no more than 2 hours a day on screen time, excluding computer work relating to educational activities and school.

Kids need to figure out which activities they like best, whether it is football, multi-sports, fitness etc.  A good idea is to enroll them at a sports club  giving them the opportunity to be part of a team while they are getting fit, active and making new friends.

For parents and kids, it is important to stock your house with healthy foods and plan physical activities for the family.  Remember a fit dad and mom inspires kids to be fit and healthy.

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A Coach’s View Wed, 19 Aug 2020 07:37:56 +0000 As the head coach of First Touch FC, I would like to share my views and love for football, I do not want to bore you with all the details.  So, I started playing football as a very young child, playing wherever I could, in the street and local parks, unfortunately my parents were not financially in a position to enroll me at the local football club, but this did not stop me to carry on to achieve my goals in life. Through perseverance, training and commitment I managed to play junior football for Fulham, this was one of the highlights of my football career.

As I got older the frenzy of football was observed in parks, restaurants, stores – let’s face it football is everywhere.

Some of my friends that were never professional football fans, even found themselves swept up in the excitement and action.  Watching football together as a family offers many benefits:

  • Increases focus and attention.
  • Promotes family bonding.
  • Enhances social interactions and connections.
  • Children gets to learn about all the countries around the world.
  • Friendly competition.

The love for football encouraged me to start a football club for kids, so in 2011 I started First Touch FC offering kids the opportunity to be part of one of the most famous sports in the world.  During our weekend football training sessions, I find each day a wonderful challenge, seeing the kids being eager to learn the game and build towards their goals.

Most of us is aware of all the amazing benefits that football offers for kids, but for those that are still wondering if they should enroll their kids for football, here are a few of the important benefits:

  • Playing football, kids stay fit, healthy and exercise that improves cardiovascular health, enhances flexibility and improves strength.
  • Teamwork is important as players have to work together as a team in order to be successful, and teamwork is a necessary skill to be successful in school, family and work.
  • Improve motor skills that is especially important for kids that are weak in this area, by increasing the strength of core muscles.
  • Boosting self-esteem and self-confidence helps kids become comfortable learning new things and performing in front of a crowd.
  • Playing football kids learn to communicate in a variety of ways by working together and communicating effectively in order to be successful.
  • Players need to be aware and alert throughout training and playing a game, thus increasing their concentration and focus.
  • Football creates motivation and drive, helping kids become more successful as students and adults.
  • Football players requires a certain level of responsibility to their team, coaches and themselves this involves work ethic and responsibility.
  • Playing football enhances kids visual spatial awareness as well as problem solving skills, as the fast pace of football makes kids think quickly to respond and improves cognitive flexibility.
  • Then the most important fact – football is fun and it is so important that kids LOVE the sport they play.  Football is exciting and fun which is why it is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Just imagine, by enrolling your kids at First Touch FC, you can give your kids the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of football while they are having fun.

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Important Contribution that Football Offer Children Thu, 06 Aug 2020 11:36:18 +0000

When I played football for the first time, I was not aware that the experience would serve me a lifetime.  The friends I made on the pitch and the positive energy that motivated and inspired me, till today I’m still reminded of the good times I had and recall those wonderful memories with a smile.  During this period all the players were friendly and helped me feel as an equal part of the team.  Football contributed to my proper physical development and good posture and the strategies and tactics helped me tremendously in different aspects of life.

The most important contribution of football for children is the enhancement of physical and mental development.

One of the greatest things man has ever created is football, it offers unparalleled popularity and is a foundation of positive values.  Football is a powerful tool to break down the barriers and help kids feel good about themselves, mentally and physically. The benefits for kids playing football is endless, from developing physical skills, making new friends, loads of fun, exercise, learn to become a team member, playing fair and improving self-esteem.

Football offers kids the opportunity to develop positive character traits and soak up quality values.

 A child’s principles and character is formed through fair play and they can be a good role model for their peers from school, and friends.  Often they even inspire their friends to start playing football.

The benefits of social interaction and teamwork are best seen in football, as children learn that they are part of a team, they learn to win with class and lose with dignity.

At First Touch we strongly believe that children learn positive life lessons through football and they become honest and reliable adults who will always try to help other in need at any moment.

Our coaches are well aware of how important it is to not impose unrealistic expectation and goals on children from the start.  Our aim is for children to rather develop their physical and intellectual skills while having lots of fun, and gradually introduce them to like football so that it can become part of their life. Achievements, results, awards and medals may come later on through hard work, sacrifice and discipline.

As long as your children are involved in football they are in the world where they try to be as best as they can be.  Best of all they will learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles that will come their way.

Give your children the opportunity to enjoy football, enrol them at First Touch.

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SUMMER CAMPS Tue, 28 Jul 2020 12:06:41 +0000 The time is here to get excited about summer camps.  Why not add an exciting week or more at First Touch/Will to Win Summer sports camp to their list!  They will love it.

Sport camps gives your son or daughter the perfect opportunity to stay active and have loads of fun as the summer weeks roll by.  Your children will wake up every day feeling excited to learn new skills, become better teammates, athletes and make new friends.  As a parent you will rest easy knowing that your children are doing something they love – playing games and sports.  

Our camps are designed to introduce your child to a new group of aspiring fellow athletes with a fun-first atmosphere to enable your child to relax, be themselves and be open to new friends and new experiences.  They will have the chance to meet new friends with different backgrounds, different schools and also with different sports interests.

Your children will discover by getting out there and making new friends the world is a better and more exciting place where strangers quickly become friends and teammates support them on and off the field. 

Our sports camps are designed so that your child has a good balance of work and play.  The coaches and mentors at our camp want your children to have fun in a supportive environment.  They are aware that children wants to learn new skills to improve their game and show off to friends and family.  Therefore practices are important to hone skills and learn new techniques allowing them to try out their new moves.

Practicing teamwork is a great way for your child to enjoy the positive reinforcement that comes from being part of a team.  During camps children practice to support friends and learn to be self-less and self-aware.

The camps will help your child to learn new sport skills and life skills over the summer, they will discover that they have the ability to improve and be a great teammate without any distraction.  Children will remember that playing a game is just playing games and having fun. 

This summer is the right SUMMER to get started!

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