A few weeks ago, we were able to spend our time outside whenever we wished, our kids could go to their football practice without a worry and the phrase “social distancing” did not mean much to most of us. Unfortunately, today we hear it frequently and it is all about flattening the curve by physically staying away from other people to ensure that we are all safe and healthy.

Let’s face it staying indoors is enough to drive anyone stir-crazy, we are missing our friends and family, but it is important to abide. Times are tough, so First Touch have come up with ways to help you spend your spare time constructively, by posting videos on YouTube.

To put it simply, exercise and physical activity is important for everyone as children and adults of all ages need regular physical exercise. Activities promotes good health and you should stay active throughout all stages of your life regardless of your body type.

Our videos are aimed at keeping you fit, healthy and entertained during these tiring times. All you need to do is click on the link below, watch the video, tell your friends, and leave your reviews.

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Coronavirus - Temporary Class Closures

It is with regret that we are forced to close the remaining Spring Term classes from Wednesday 18th March 2020 and the Easter Holiday Camp. The safety and wellbeing of our children, parents and coaches are of paramount importance to us and we support the measures introduced as we believe they are in the best interests of everyone.

Thank you First Touch