Last weekend one of our coaches was telling me how amazing it is to coach kids over the weekends and to think that all around the world boys and girls enjoys football as it is a sport for everyone.

Weekend after weekend one can notice how football unifies kids and break down religious, economic, and cultural boundaries, also the enormous power to let kids make more friends.

This got me thinking once again of the great benefits football offers kids.  Making friends is important and football provide not only the opportunity to make friends, but also help them find a place where they can belong. 

Often, we see kids joining First Touch for the first time and notice that they are rather shy and seem to want to join in the fun but not sure if they can perform as well as the kids that have been playing before.  As the session progresses you can see the kids starting to relax and before the end of their session they are full swing into the game and forgotten how shy they were earlier on. It is wonderful to see how they build confidence and self-esteem.

Football helps kids build life skills, such as problem-solving, communication, hard work and decision-making.  Healthy competition teaches the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Afterall kids work together to take the ball towards the goal post which is through teamwork, and they learn to follow this in their lives to move forward as they grow into adults.

Watching kids play football I realize how great it is to stay active and with physical activity comes so many health benefit.  Muscular development is one of the benefits, but also kids learn motor skills like balance and coordination.

After a morning of football coaching, it comes down to it that football is a game, it is an outlet for kids to play and have fun and it is such a wonderful way to help encourage young kids to enjoy each moment of their childhood.

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