Football at a young age has many benefits, but player development is long and a method that requires very thorough approach.  Each age group has specific demands that will enable young players to reach their potential.  To understand what football players of a certain age can process and what is suitable for them to work on is imperative. 

Exercises that are implemented for professional teams are usually not the right fit for young players.  Developing a practice or a season plan for young ages can be very challenging but it always remains a very important task.  At a young age,  a football player needs to develop a love for the game and if it is not fun and engaging, they will not want to participate. 

At First Touch we create exercises that are fun, engaging multiple muscle groups, dynamic, repetition and breaks.  By producing these exercises, kids find it entertaining and they are learning without even noticing it.  The bottom line is if kids do not enjoy their football practice they will not want to come back.

Technical training develops familiarity with the ball, dribbling with different surfaces of the foot (inside/outside & laces).  It helps kids keep the ball close with lots of small and dynamic touches while focusing on the ball and also to keep the head up while moving into space.

Kids will start to develop the concept of other kids around them and build relationships. We have found that kids being around their friends is one of the main reasons for participation.

Football training focus on developing a range of turning and motion, landing, throwing, jumping and catching skills.  Another aspect we consider is the development of imagination, creativity and learning about trial and error.

At this young age no serious tactical work needs to be done, the main focus should be on players starting to learn about the rules, positions and the principles of play, mobility and creativity. 

We create a friendly environment where kids can feel comfortable experimenting, developing and trying their overall comfort with the ball.

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