Football Fun

Football is extremely popular amongst adults as well as children and there are many benefits of playing football.

Football is excellent exercises football practice, drills and games gives children an awesome cardiovascular workout and improves strength and flexibility.  Diving to stop the opponent from scoring and dashing down the field, leaping up to kick the ball all make for a physically fit son or daughter.

Enrolling your child at First Touch reduces their dependence on screen time and tech devices.  Football gets them out into the fresh air and moving around as well as making new friends.

A child playing football requires a lot of concentration, focus and attention to detail and developing these skills will help on the field as well as in many other aspects of life.

In life, teamwork is important and enrolling your children for football they will be able to learn all about teamwork. Working together and coordinating to achieve success football will help build trust with each other knowing that they can rely on a teammate.

Another aspect of playing a team sport is encouraging each other when the going gets tough. From this experience, children will learn patience, kindness, and the importance of letting everyone have a turn to shine.

Self-esteem is another benefit of playing football, particularly for beginner players, they improve their skills and receive encouragement from teammates, coaches, and begin to see what a difference perseverance and practice can make.

Your child will have a blast playing football as physical activities is a fantastic way to work off extra energy that children always seems to have.  It is also a great way to channel anger, stress, and negative emotions.

As a result of playing football, your child will make new friends, learn how to get along with other children, and become more self-assured and confident through gameplay.

Football extend to all areas of life and you will set your child up with a great foundation when you encourage them  You will set your child up with a great foundation when you encourage them to play football.

Football is so much more that passing, scoring and kicking a ball, it is a wonderful way to in-still values like teamwork, empathy, tolerance, perseverance and respect.

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