Football is a great game for girls – it is definitely more than just kicking a ball around a field and offers girls the opportunity to grow in many ways.

First Touch have great coaches and support staff who encourage girls in positive ways, which gives girls a way to feel successful.  Football is a sport that young girls can play with boys on a level field and empower them to feel equal to the boys.

By enrolling your girls in a football team, it allows them the opportunity to work together with other girls in a positive environment.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get girls together with one another and cliques are a serious issue for many girls.  Playing football gives girls a place to connect with each other through physical activity.

Girls playing football learn to be resilient, picking them up and dusting them off is an important part of football and they are ready to move on even when they are down.  Our coaches encourages girls to do this even when they are struggling,

Football teaches girls a vast array of coping skills allowing them to rise up and be more successful in life.  Football teaches girls how to be confident in themselves and that they can do anything. Enrolling your girls for football when they are young could mean big success later in life.

Football for girls offer so many positive role moles for girls, from Olympians to professionals to women on local high school and college teams.  Young girls are able to see the empowering and positive way that women can work in the world and find success.

We have only mentioned a few of the great things that football brings to girls, as football is a perfect support to help girls to find their way in the world and figure out who they are through a healthy and supportive activity.

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