Football is the most popular game played on every continent and every season of the year, and why not? It is a fantastic game.  Football keeps kids active, leads to fewer injuries than in other sports and it is easy to learn, and most important it so much fun to play.

Kids loves football and play in parks with their friends and family, they get to practice scoring goals and dribbling.  Skill and fun levels increase with the more opportunity kids have to practice and play and there are so many creative ways to introducing kids to the game and to continue lifelong learning which focus on the skills in football, controlling the ball, shooting, dribbling etc.

At First Touch we focus on encouragement, teamwork, enthusiasm and enjoyment while training kids, as we believe that as the child grows in their knowledge and love of the game, the bigger the chances are that they will become lifelong enthusiasts of wellness and physical activity.

It is important to have kids in the correct age groups, as kids 3-6 years old needs to be encouraged to share the ball, which at time could be a hard strategy to teach them.  Kids love to run with the ball themselves and do not always want to let go once they have the ball in their possession.  As they mature in the game, they learn how to give their team mates the ball.  We found that by focusing on the fun stage of football, kids are likely to fall in love with the game and will want to continue playing.

Children 7-9 years begin to learn that success will come from moving the ball effectively and at this stage we focus on fundamental skills, movement, and fun.  By keeping children engaged with stimulating activities remain an important factor as most attention spans are still not long at this age.  Our coaches always keep in mind that some kids may be coming to play football for the first time, and they give individual attention to all players by recognizing their level of proficiency.

Players aged 10 to 13 years old are ready to learn the more tactical and technical parts of football while still having fun.  During training we focus on agility, balance, creativity and speed.  At this age kids love to be challenged and our coaches use activities to develop skills while still keeping players engaged.

Football is truly a fun, popular and accessible sport and the more the focus is kept on age-appropriate, skill-developing, and fun the more engaged your child will be with the sport and they will want to get out and play

So why wait? Lace up their cleats and enroll at First Touch give your child the opportunity to have loads of fun and learn new skills, technique, tactic, social skills and so much more.

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