As the years go by, it is amazing how things change, as kids we could play in the parks and ride our bikes without parent supervision. 

I must admit we did get around to being mischievous and I am sure if our parents knew about these adventures we would have been grounded, but we got ample exercise and play time to keep us active and fit.

Weekends were our highlight, this meant that my friends and I could go to the park and play various types of games from kicking the ball, dribbling to see who had the best control over the ball and hitting the ball with our heads to see who managed to get it the highest.  This gave us the opportunity to make new friends, as other kids seeing us play would ask to join so that we could play a match using the trees as our goal posts. These kinds of activities left me feeling happy and ensured that I had a good nights’ sleep.

As a kid, one of my dreams were to be able to join a sports club, but unfortunately my parents could not afford it and I decided that I would get the chance someday to join a sports club or even the opportunity to become a coach.

Most kids today have become inactive and spend a lot of time watching TV, social media or playing the latest game on their gaming console.  These are great if there is limited time, and kids are inspired to play whether it is just in the garden or a family day in the park. Unfortunately, most parents are terribly busy during the week, and over weekends they need to catch up with their home chores or just take the time to relax and prepare for the coming week.

Parents are entrusted with the enormous responsibility of shaping their kid’s behaviour in a positive direction and to help steer their kids away from all the negative behaviours and to guide them towards becoming happy, healthy, and responsible adults.

Kids do not come with an instruction manual and parenting is a hard job, we can only do parenting to our best ability, with love, strength, gentleness and wisdom and we cannot go wrong by exercising a constant firm hand with a loving and soft heart.

Discipline is motivated by the love for your kid, focuses on the future and should result in obedience and feelings of security.

Kids that are not active become bored and often get up to all kinds of naughtiness, active kids learn to become more obedient especially if they are part of a team playing sports. It is a wonderful idea to enrol kids at First Touch FC as they will be given the opportunity to enjoy football session on Saturdays and Sundays as well as joining the 1st Touch Football Club (League Team).  Should your kids need a little extra focus and help with techniques, goalkeeping, etc. we offer 1-2-1 sessions to give your kid the confidence they may require.  

At First Touch our aim is to teach kids the rules and skills of football, how to share, become part of a team, making new friends,  and most of all having fun while learning.

The wonderful thing about our weekend sessions is that it gives the parents time to relax and get to enjoy a few hours of “my time”, knowing that their kids are in a safe environment.

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