Self-isolation or having to stay at home is like the whiplash you experience after an unexpected, abrupt halt after cruising at 70 miles per hour.  Working from home is also forcing us all to slow down and it is not all bad once you start realizing all the fulfilling and productive things to be done whilst you are at home. 

We are in it together, so First Touch will be putting together a list of fun activities to be done at home to spread the positivity around.

For those that love to bring out their creativity a good idea is visit https://za.pinterest.com/pug1/clay-crafts/ for amazing clay projects.  Painting and drawing are also fun to do – set up a little corner for the family to enjoy crafting and getting creative.

Then with our kids not attending school it is important to keep their brains developing.  Brain games are so much fun and sometimes kids forget that they are learning as they are having loads of fun.  Check out https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/brain-games-for-kids/ and

For those who have a garden, you can mark a mini football pitch with chalk as well as the goal box, let your children practice dribbling, footwork, goalkeeping and scoring.  This is sure to keep them busy for quiet a while and let them release some of their energy.

Should you not have a garden and stuck indoors there are plenty of fun sports activities for kids that can be played indoors.

As football obviously cannot be played in your family living room you could try balloon football using a long rectangle table and simply drop a balloon in the middle and each team must try blow the football toward the other’s side goal.

Hula Hoop can be a solo activity, or you can play hula hoop with others.  Have two kids spinning Hula Hoops and then try to simultaneously move to the declared finish line.

 Don’t Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do!

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