As parents we find it more difficult to control our kids when it comes to gaming consoles, tablets or smartphones.  Some games might improve kids’ problem-solving skill and hand-eye coordination other games actually require kids to move or manipulate the game through their own physical movement, but not as much as it they were actually playing outside or participating in sports.  Unfortunately some of the violent video games could increase your kid’s aggressive behaviour. 

When it comes to video games the healthiest approach is moderation, so consider setting limits to keep game playing from interfering with household chores, schoolwork and physical activities that kids need every day. 

Another important factor is to ensure that the games your kids are playing are suitable for their age group.  It might be a good idea to keep the video game console in a common area of the house, by doing this you can catch any inappropriate content in the games that your kids are playing and they will be in a position to interact with other in the house while playing.  Also pay attention to time kids spent playing games on smartphones and tablets.

Children who experience heightened anxiety tend to focus on anxiety-inducing things, which in turn make them more anxious and often creates a vicious cycle.  Through exercise, an anxious child can break the cycle by focusing on the demands of the physical activity, develop a new skill and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

By enrolling your kids at a sports club for football training is a great way for kids to get regular physical exercise, developing their movement skills, builds a healthy heart, stronger muscles and bones.  Moderate exercise even helps to relieve some chronic (long-term) pain conditions by maintaining physical function and decreasing fatigue. Football training/coaching helps kids develop in a range of ways, not only physical health, it improves brain function and emotional wellbeing.

Bear in make that your kids needs time to socialise with their friends and downtime to be creative.

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