Eye-foot Coordination

Have you ever stopped to think about how important our children’s feet are? After all  they enable children to move and enjoy partaking in sports. 

As a parent it is important to  encourage eye-foot coordination by teaching children how to use their feet.  Kicking a ball, jumping up and down, stamping in puddles or wiggling their toes are just a few easy ways to teach children.

Football is the world’s most popular sport, so why not enrol your children at First Touch FC, as it is a well-known fact that eye-foot coordination skill is important in football.  By playing football, eye-foot coordination skill will allow a player to make free kicks with precision, dribble the ball, pinpoint passes, and fake out the defense.  Good eye-foot coordination will allow them to keep their head up during ball handling, stop a football with the foot and make the necessary adjustments to intercept the ball. 

Football is great, as it requires proper coordination of different body parts like the feet, eyes, and hands.  Eye-hand coordinate is important for goal keepers so that they can keep their eyes on the ball to prevent the ball from reaching the goal posts.

Field players require excellent eye-foot coordination to enable them to accurately kick the ball into the right positions, the eyes provide the direction, and the feet move to follow the projected route. 

Football is relatively easy to understand but difficult to master, the simplicity of the rules makes it ideal for recreation and requires a level of strategy and coordination, especially foot-eye coordination.  There is an element of talent and natural coordination involved in being a skilled football player.

However, if you wish to improve your child’s foot skills quickly, consider attended a few private football sessions.  Private sessions give the opportunity to have one-on-one training, where a child will be able to work on their specific needs to help them to focus and improve their game. 

It is important to invest in your child’s development, and to let them develop within age-appropriate groups to let them gain the experience and exposure.

First Touch weekend sessions is the answer for achieving the levels a child would aim to reach.  Who knows maybe one day your child could be a professional football player.

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