By kids participating in sports they will further develop their hand-eye coordination.  Hand-eye coordination allow the eyes to track the movement of the hands naturally, which is very importance for handwriting and reading.  It also plays a role in directing hand-held objects with precision and is good for balance.

Sports play a big role in improving hand-eye coordination by being able to do things that require speed and accuracy like hitting or catching a ball.

Children between the ages of three and five will develop a preference of moving and handling objects with either their right or left hand. This is the best time to introduce some sporting activities like football.  At this stage it is important to encourage participating to further develop their eye-hand coordination.

It is a good age to get your children engaged in activities that involve jumping, climbing, running, swinging, stair-climbing and balancing. Now is the time to let your imagination go to work and create other activities where visual acuity is involved.

Try to encourage your pre-school child to:

  • Throw a ball into a large bin or basket.
  • Throw a ball back and forth to each other.
  • Get engaged in fun sports like football or swimming.
  • Jump, run and do stair climbing one at a time.
  • Kicking a ball.
  • Drawing, printing, and art colouring,
  • Balancing blocks like wooden blocks and Lego.
  • Playing with plasticine or playdough.
  • Puzzle building.

Hand-eye coordination is essential for reading and decoding works.  Reading activities is another great way to improve hand-eye coordination by having your child engage in a variety of reading using their finger to track the text. 

Children should be encouraged at school-age to continue to develop the following skills:

  • Stay active running, balancing, climbing, bike riding and jumping.
  • Motor skill activities of all kinds.
  • Be active playing sports.
  • One-handed activities to develop right or left-handedness.
  • Play catch on a regular basis.
  • Juggle objects.
  • Toss and catch a ball against a wall.
  • Dribble a football.
  • Rope jumping.

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