Unfortunately, today more and more kids are starting to live sedentary lives and are prone to obesity at a young age. Technology is wonderful and we cannot go without it, but it almost seems like kids are born with some form of technology toy in their hands instead of a pacifier and baby toys.

Extensive technological mobility and advancement is making our lives easier and the young children are getting more and more addicted to the homely comfort in recent times.  A lot of kids are glued to the couch, spending their free time watching TV, playing online or mobile games or surfing the internet. This is not harmful if kids do it occasionally, but they need to play outside.

This is one of the main reasons why inculcating a sense of sports at an early age is so important as it teaches kids discipline and life skills.

For children playing outside regularly in the proximity of nature with family and friends is so extremely important.

Something we should remember is that kids often follow their parent’s footsteps and adopt parent’s habits very easily. If you are lazing around and fiddling with your gadgets and devices all day long, they automatically copy by doing the same. A good idea is for parents to take the kids into the backyard, the playground or nearby park and play games with them. There are so many sport activities that can be played, e.g. football, cricket, baseball, and jumping ropes.  This will assist in encouraging children to also build up the habit of playing sports. 

Parents so often buy their children the latest electronic gadgets, instead buy some sports goods and encourage them to play with them.

Try watching a football or baseball game on the TV with your children and if possible, take them to watch the matches live at the stadiums.  By doing this it will grow their interest in sports and eventually they will develop likeness for a sport.

Teaching your kids about the popular biographies and stories about the great sportspersons, the achievements and glorious journey might encourage them to follow their path.

Provide your kids with professional coaching in their specific field of sports, by identifying their likes and dislikes and then encourage them to explore their passion under expert supervision. This will be great to improve their skills and up their confidence level and they will get the advice that will stay with them throughout their lives.


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