By treating your brain right from the inside out is the first great step, as a healthy diet is very important.  There are so many things that make a healthy diet, but it is not always the same for everybody, but getting enough nutrients into your diets is one of the crucial steps.

You should also ensure that you get enough sleep at night, going through your day without proper sleep can be like operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Lack of sleep can make it difficult to concentrate and lowers your reaction time which can make you susceptible too accidents.

Always protect your brain physically, it sounds obvious, but protecting your brain from physical injury is really important.  You should wear a safety helmet when skating, playing any kind of contact sports and riding a bike. The brain is serious business and too many hits to the head could change your life forever.

Just like you would exercise your body, you should also exercise your brain by playing fun games and activities that help flex and strengthen your brain. Brain exercise is suggested for adults as a way to help prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s, but it can also benefit children.

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