With the arrival of your kids football match day, it can be a bit difficult for them to keep their nerves in check, but with a little pre-planning and rest assurance from a parent your kid will be able to focus on their match – playing hard and hopefully winning.

These are a few simple steps that parents can follow to ensure that their kid(s) are match-ready.

By helping them pack and prepare their kit the day prior to the game is a great start, ensure that their kit is washed and ready, their socks, boots and shin guards are packed.  This will save time and the stress of hunting for their gear at the last minute.

It is important to energize with food, a balanced meal at least 3 hours before the game, followed by a light snack will keep their energy up as the kick-off draws closer.  Make sure that they drink plenty of water the day before the game and they should sip regularly throughout the match to help them to stay hydrated.  It is a great idea to pack energy bars for half time and after the match.

Make sure you know where to go, if you are not familiar with the area make sure you know how to find the sports field, as well as parking facilities and where the meeting point and time is to arrive on time.

Often kids are so excited that they jump out of the car and forget to put on their boots and shin guards.  Help your kids by reminding them to put on their boots and shin guards before you arrive at the field.  Also remind them how important it is to warm up before the game, they must remember to stretch out their hamstrings, quads and calves before running on the field.

Once your kids get into the routine before each match they will be able to get their head in the game and they will be ready to take to the field.

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