Is one better than the other?

Today children are so often criticised for staying inside too much and not going out enough.  Unfortunately, outdoor play has been replaced with video games and consoles.  It is easy to determine that there are benefits of outdoor play and indoor play.

Well balanced indoor play does not just have to be about sitting around staring at a screen, in fact it could involve anything from arts and crafts, board games, and puzzles, or an indoor playground.  Some benefits of indoor play are it encourages creativity and critical thinking.  Children can be inventive with crafts and story time, games such as Wii Fit is great to promote physical activity, and board games encourage problem-solving.

Indoor activities are great for those cold rainy days or even excessively hot days, but outdoor activities give children the opportunity to connect with nature and socialise as indoor activities could be lonely and lack adventure.

Outdoor playing could be playing in playgrounds, building sandcastles at the beach, going on a family hike, or just running around in the park.  Outdoor play allows children to learn by experience and allowing them to make sense of the world around them and using their imaginations. 

It is a great idea to consider enrolling your children at First Touch to give children the opportunity to get football training, have loads of fun, socialising and making lots of friends consequently be much happier.

Outdoor play increases a child’s attention span in the long run, physical activities and exercise have been proofed to improve mental well-being.  Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D that is important for bone and heart health.   Getting your children involved in physical activity you are setting them up for an active lifestyle.

 There are many benefits of outdoor and indoor play for children, both are essential for children to thrive and they get to enjoy enough physical activity as well as mental and creativity stimulation.

By having a balance between indoor and outdoor activities you are setting your children up for success.

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