I had to try and explain to my daughter that we are hitting a crisis, and that we are in a strange, stressful, and emotionally exhausting period.  To be honest I was expecting a tantrum, but she looked up at me and said “Oh no Daddy here we go again, no more friends and playing in the park, but at least you and Mommy will be home again”.  This made me realise how important family time is and how we sometimes forget about the special things we can do together as a family.

I then decided that during the lockdown we are going to have more family activities together and I was amazed to think about the different things we could all do around the house instead of heading straight to the gym after work to burn off some of the stress and pent-up negative emotions.

A few of us are lucky enough to have a treadmill or exercise bike at home but for those that do not there are plenty simple exercises that we can do around the house or with household objects. So, we started our daily exercise by cleaning the house and I am sure we are burning a few hundred calories doing routine things like cleaning the windows, sweeping, and mopping the floors.  I have made a few small adjustments while cleaning by stepping into lunges when vacuuming, balancing on my toes to engage my core muscles and doing side lunges when making the bed.  I must admit that this really made our daily chores loads of fun.

As I do not have kettlebells or dumbbells at home, when I come back with my shopping bag with a bag of rice or flour, some tinned food and a bottle of water, I use the bag filled with the foods and work my arms, obviously to much enjoyment of my daughter.

Resistance exercises around the house is great as it strengthens your muscles, for air squats – single-leg step-ups on the stairs and for lunges – sit-to-stand from a sturdy chair.

We are lucky enough to have a garden and normal maintenance also counts as a workout during lockdown.  To strengthen your glutes and core try squatting while you do the weeding and planting, and to tone your arms carry your watering can and various tools.  Mowing the lawn is really a cardio workout and great for your heart health.

For those cold rainy days, we have set up to do yoga as it has a range of health benefits, increases flexibility, and strengthen the core, it reduces stress and increases cardiovascular health. This is the perfect time to try yoga and can be done together as a family and my daughter believes that during yoga we are not allowed to talk, hence some peace and quiet for a while.

On bright sun shining days it is wonderful to head outside for some cardio exercise, like a run or bike ride.  Take a stroll with you dog and family and enjoy your surroundings, after all scientifically it has been proven that nature and green spaces are essential for our health. Kicking a ball around is also so much fun, giving us tons of exercise and often lots of laughter. 

Plan you route to the parks that will be quieter and less congested, as this will give you a chance to explore places around you and develop fun new routes.  By selecting less busy times it will help you to be safer and more responsible during outdoor exercises.

Keeping fit and exercising during lockdown may not seem like the easiest thing to do but it is possible. Remember try some new ideas to keep fit while you are stuck indoors.

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