So, we are stuck inside for several days to come and we need to release all the energy inside our bodies, especially the kids.  For adults it is easy to cope, we have our work to keep us busy and we understand why we need to stay in lock-down.  For kids it is difficult, and they need to be kept busy and as parents we need to fight the temptation to park the kids in front of an iPad or TV.

As the days gone by, we are starting to have big emotions with the people around us by losing our tempers, being a bit on edge staying together in tight spaces. A great way to relieve stress and keep the kids busy is to work out a program for exercises. 

First Touch can assure you that ball games are one of the best ways to keep kids and adults occupied and a wonderful way to relieve stress.

Some amazing facts of ball games:

  • Throwing and catching are complementary skills, but they are quite different in movement focus.  Throwing a ball is a target skill, while catching a ball relies on the ability of the body to tract and receive an object.
  • Practising ball skills develops good visual attention skills and hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Catching and throwing a ball develops the ability to pick up the information needed to predict and path of the ball.
  •  By practising ball skills kids gain the skills and confidence.

Some basic games to play indoors:

Scrunch a scarf into a ball shape and on the count of three throw it up in the air and try to catch it.

Drop a feather from a height and the kids take turns to try and catch it as it flutters down to the floor.

Make a small ball with newspaper, line up empty milk bottles and try knock them over by throwing the ball.

Practice throwing and catching bean bags as they do not roll and travel as far as other objects.

For the football fans out there, watch famous football players performing football skills with toilet paper, after watching try it out, who knows maybe one day you could be just as famous. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t87J9hlTaFc). 

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