Do you think that the best football players got their title without taking care of their precious piggies? 

At First Touch we believe that every football player should take care of their feet.  In this game, feet are your most valuable assets, all the fancy footwork ceases to matter if you are dealing with turf toe, cramps, sprains or athlete’s foot.  It is important to guard against all these problems by taking care of your kid’s feet, toes and ankles properly.  For your kids to keep playing football and reaching their dreams, be sure that they are equipped with the proper foot care.

Teach your kids to pamper their feet by trimming their toenails, taking care to prevent callouses and bunions as these could alter the overall shape of their feet. 

Another important factor is to ensure that your kid’s cleats fit properly, as the fit of cleats makes all the difference.  Wearing cleats that fit tightly for an extended period of time could cause a lot of pain and mess up the way your kid’s feet are shaped and structured, resulting in hammer toe or turf toe, which is a painful sprain of the big toes.  Your kid’s toes need room to move around, and the cleats should not squeeze their toes.  A physical, in-person fitting is recommended to ensure that their cleats are both long and wide enough.

Consider letting your kids wear one pair of traditional sweat socks along with a pair of thin compression socks, this increases comfort, cushion and support and allows cleats to fit more snugly, but they are soft and giving so that it does not compress or crush their toes.

Beyond pampering their feet, they must keep them clean to avoid problems such as athlete’s foot and fungal infections.  Pay attention to cracks, discolorations, bruises and blisters as cracks and blisters can become infected. To steer clear of fungus and other harmful bacteria, apply antibiotic ointment to any wounds.

Now that you have taken care of your kid’s feet and cleats it is time to leave your kids in the hands of First Touch coaches, who have the necessary qualifications from the given activity’s awarding body, to take care of your kid’s footwork and football mastering.  At First Touch we believe in kids’ development and in nurturing their skills and abilities at their own pace.

By enrolling you kids at www.first-touch.co.uk, you could help them reach their dream of being the greatest as well as build confidence and self-esteem.  Rest assured that our fun-filled sessions will be beneficial in more ways than one!

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