So often we hear the theory that you can only play competitive if you are “good enough” and that only “bad players” play recreational football.  This theory is not completely true, yes players try-out to make a competitive team – there is a threshold of playing ability, but what is important there must also be commitment. Always remember that practice is very important to reach the goal of making the league team.

By enrolling your kids at First Touch FC, training will help instil a sense of discipline, kids will take it more serious because they have to and will not let their teammates down.

Another wonderful benefit is that kids will learn to treat their bodies differently when playing football league team, they will take more pride in their good habits and disregard their bad ones.

If your kid loves football and can not get enough of it, First Touch FC is here to the rescue.  They will never forget the tournaments and playoffs along with the heart-breaking losses – this is all part of the passion of football. League football gives kids confidence along with the skill development to play-up to the tougher competition.

During a league match football players are focused intently for the duration of the game, they have one common goal and must get it quickly and efficiently, they are now leveraging what they have learned at practice and the kids are focused on the game and not the next water break.

The wonderful ups and downs of league football will leave lasting memories for your kids, as well as with their teammates that they have shared these moments and will most likely make them friends for a very long time.  We have found that kids make friends more easily than adults and find that relationships with other football kids are a bit more special, as that is what they have in common – football – without the distraction of town drama.

Enrolling your kids at First Touch FC will give them the opportunity to play football almost all year round and they can keep the momentum going.  Kids do not want to lose this skill and they want to keep developing, running around kicking and passing a football with their friends and thinking of nothing else. Just imagine as an adult freeing yourself from all anxiety for 90 minutes!

Another important fact to remember, the whole body is to be taken into consideration and kids are reminded constantly to fuel their bodies both on and off the football field.  Playing football requires tremendous strength and stamina and proper fuelling.

Our coaches do this for a living and they live and breathe football, we offer private training as well.  Private training helps kids as they get one-on-one training and get to work on their shortcomings in their football, as well as the feedback that they need.

A coach’s feedback is extremely important as football players and teams need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as they may not be aware of it and what can be done to improve them. First Touch coaches are well qualified and experienced and they can identify these areas of weaknesses and strengths in each player or team and then design a training session(s) that are developed to focus on and improve these specific areas of a player or team.









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