Life Coaching

Kids are a top priority -ask any parent!

I find the best way to explain the benefits of life coaching for children is to compare it to other types of coaching that our children receive.  Our children have tutors and teachers for their academic performant, a sports coach to improve their skills in their chosen sport, swimming instructors to improve their swimming skills and so on. So why not have a coach to help or children with their mindset and life skills to ensure they have a strong mental health, confidence, self-love etc.  A child’s mind and thoughts have the ability to either propel them forward or hold them back in any area of life.  Kind of important don’t you think?

Life skills are the most important skills we could impart to our children, especially in times when strong mental health is of such high importance.  For children faced with challenges or disappointments e.g. moving away from their friends and family, failing a test, or not doing well at sports, most kids do not have the tools or skills to deal with this.  Often children develop some limiting belief patterns that can hold them back for the rest of their lives, and often parents are unaware that these events have wounded their children to an extent and resulting in low self-confidence and self-esteem.  Some children feel too embarrassed to share how they are feeling about themselves, as they do not want their friends, parents and teachers, that they love, to think less of them.  Instead they might cry themselves to sleep at night and suffer in silence.

Some of the most common reasons parents hire a life coach is:

  • When children show signs of low self-esteem, negative self-talk, believing that nobody likes them.
  • When a parent wants to see their children believing in themselves and being more successful in other activities and at school.
  • When their child is struggling with lack of confidence, anxiety, and shyness.
  • When they want to give their children a head start developing leadership skills.
  • When children are making poor choices with peers, bullying, or being bullied or giving in to peer pressure.
  • When there is constant struggling at home with homework, chores etc.

How will life coaching help children?

Life coaching is great for empowering children through mindset development, kids learn how to use the power of their thoughts to create confidence, happiness, and success in their lives.  They have the tools to take their life, dreams, and goals to wherever they want to go.

  • Life coaching helps children develop resilience skills and how to handle life’s curve balls, enabling them to quickly bounce back after disappointment or a setback.
  • Children develop a strong self-esteem from the inside out, so their self-worth comes from themselves instead as the opinions of others.
  • By developing self-confidence, they learn to believe in themselves and they can work through anxiety and fear.
  • Developing their own inner compass children learn how to think for themselves and make the right decisions, enabling them to stand up to peer pressure.
  • Life coaching helps children to live a life with intention rather than drift through life with no real direction, developing self-leadership skills and a clear vision of their lives.

Life coaching could change your children’s life forever – we teach them self-confidence, strong self-esteem, resilience so that they can become the leaders of their own lives and will be able to handle the ups and downs of growing up.

Life coaching sessions are available in the following boroughs:

  • Kensington
  • Chelsea
  • Fulham
  • Knightsbridge
  • Mayfair

“Life Coaching for Children Works”