As a boy growing up in London, I was bullied at times and did not know how to be mentally and physically strong.  I loved sports, but unfortunately, we did not have the money for my parents to enrol me for sports camps or sports lessons. 

Even though I was not very good at sport, at the age of 13 my brother took me to play with his friends, we would gather at Holland Park, Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park, find a group of people playing and ask them if we could join (most of the time these would be grown men). I would have preferred to play with friends my age, but as this was not possible, I took the opportunity to play sports together with any age group.  By doing this I got a lot better, stronger, and quicker and most of all this gave me more confidence in everything I did.

Today my life has changed due to our current lifestyle and I am sure that most people feel the same emotions somewhere along the spectrum of fear and anxiety as we are settling into a new normal lifestyle.

It seems that social distancing is predicted longer and we are starting to strap ourselves in for the long haul and this is a setup for fear and for some it brings a range of new emotions which could have an important mental health impact.

I have started to put a label on my emotions and it helps to put me back in control as it is important to stop and think about what you are feeling and how to use the information to move forward.  Whether you are feeling lonely, irritated, bored, or feeling hopeless, but when you label and acknowledge your negative emotions, they get less intense.

I take the precautions to keep myself and my family safe and protected.

It is so very important to remember that our young children do not understand fully what their “new life” is about and they could also be experiencing anxiety, fear and uncertainty as they can no longer have the free fun filled days of playing with their friends and giving them the high-5’s or even a hug.

For children 3-13 years First Touch offer amazing weekend football sessions, https://www.first-touch.co.uk/saturday-football-training/, empowering your child to build confidence, football IQ, develop essential skills and expand their social skills. 

Multi-sports allow kids to break away from their normal routine and try something new.  First Touch offers fitness, ball games and teamwork giving kids the opportunity to stress different muscles throughout training and improve overall strength, conditioning and builds their sports skills.  https://www.first-touch.co.uk/multi-sports/

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This pandemic has made us more aware than ever before of what matters and things we took for granted before are starting to feel like real blessings.

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