I went for a walk in the park today and decided to sit on the bench for a while to catch my breath, suddenly it hit me how life has changed, especially this year.  The park was quiet with hardly any kids running around and playing games.

I remember as a child, many years ago, my friends and I had two educations, we had school (which was not the big deal as it is today) and we also had what we called hunter-gatherer education.  We played in mixed-age groups from the neighbourhood almost every day after school and often until dark.  We had the opportunity to play all weekend and summer holidays.  We had time to explore in all sorts of ways and time to become bored and the time to figure out how to overcome boredom.  We had the time to get into trouble and find our way out of it, wonderful time to daydream and time to immerse ourselves in hobbies, read comics or whatever else we wanted to read rather than the books assigned to us.

Today, most of our kids has a well-structured life, with time for school and studies, time for play and hopefully family time.  Our kids have been going to their football sessions over weekends and having the opportunity to enjoy themselves with their friends while they were learning new skills.

Then with a big bang came “lock-down” and this changed everything for our children.  Their well-structured lives turned into uncertainty with a different way of life.  They can no longer go to their weekend football sessions, hug, or give their friends a high-5 when something great was achieved on the football pitch. 

 In a shop I heard a mother tell her son to stop touching everything in the shop, stop touching your mouth and noise you will get sick.  The child looked at his mom and said, “mom that is all I hear every day, and then you keep telling me to wash my hands each time you see me”.  The mom looked around rather embarrass to see if anyone had heard them, and it was sad for me to see that with people wearing their masks you could not see if anyone were smiling.

I realise that being a kid today is challenging, by the age of 7 or 8 they start comparing themselves to other kids allowing fear, self-doubt, and judgement creep into their lives.  This may result in them developing limited beliefs about their lives, themselves and how the world works.  They might start struggling with their studies as well as their friends and social skills, with their siblings and even with us as parents.

Sadly, the truth is, a child’s difficulty reflects on the family and changes the fine delicate balance between a happy family and a troubled family.  With all the new rules and regulations enforced today, the pressures on our children are vast, and as parents, seeing our children struggle is frustrating and worrisome. We can tell our children that they are great, but unfortunately that is not enough.

Life Coaching is amazing for emotionally healthy children who simply acquires some assistance in dealing with life.  Right now, you might be thinking why coaching and not therapy?  Children often feel that therapy focuses on delving into the past and this can be an emotionally draining experience for children as children are more concerned with the present and the future and they find coaching an energising and motivating experience.  Children live very much in the moment and the concrete activities and measurable short-term progress they make with a life coach is something that feels more relevant and tangible. Coaching could provide a great alternative when managing day-to-day struggles.

No matter how many times we tell our children to stand up to bullies, say no to drugs etc. etc. they deserve to have the tools to equip them in dealing with life’s curveballs with confidence.

Life coaching for children might seem like such a foreign idea to some of us, yet the goal of all of this is to help children develop a strong sense of building a soaring self-esteem, help them to set goals by giving them the tools to make good decisions during the toughest times.

Every parent wants their children to reach their full potential and life coaching is a great way to achieve this.

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