Our weekend football sessions are always filled with fun, whether it is playing football or just  listening to the young kids telling you a story. 

One Saturday morning the weather was miserable but as always football was on, the kids played for a little while and the fog started getting thicker and it was really cold, the coaches decided that the kids could not see the ball and they were afraid that the kids would get ill, so it was decided to let the kids come off the pitches and go for a hot chocolate. 

Some of the kids was trilled at the though of going for hot chocolate, but one of the little boys came up to me and said, “Why do we have to go have hot chocolate, I want to play football?”  I then tried to explain to him that we do not feel it is safe for them to play in the fog as they could not see the ball and we were afraid they might get hurt.

He looked at me and then piped up and said, “My Dad told me that many years ago, I know you are rather old already, but this was even long before you were born, they play a game in Russia, I think my dad said it was Arsenal, the fog was very heavy, but the coaches let them still play the game”. 

“There were even more players on the pitch and the only one that got hurt was the goalkeeper as he ran into the post because he did not look where he was going.  But coach we will all look carefully and make sure we do not get hurt”.  Luckily it started raining and he then walk with me to go join his friends having hot chocolate.

We I got home I decided to go look and see if I could find this particular story, well after searching a bit I found it. 

There was a match played in 1945 at White Hart Lane between Dynamo Mosco and Arsenal and the players asked to have the game suspended due to the fog,  but the referee decided that play should continue.

The fog was thick, and the game turned out with both sides playing by their own set of rules.  At one point Moscow made a substitution but they did not take a player off and were playing 15 players on the pitch.

Arsenal made the best of the conditions and one of their players who was sent off earlier decided to sneak back onto the pitch and played the remainder of the game.

Indeed their goalkeeper did run into the goalpost and knocked himself out cold as he could not see due to the fog, but a spectator decided to take his place in the goals and the match continued.

Listening to a little boy telling me a story and then finding out that he was right is amazing and I think this is one of the reasons why we as coaches enjoy working at First Touch FC and coaching young children football over weekends.

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