During this time parents have many concerns and Easter Camp may not be on their priority list.  Children have had to stay home because of Covid-19 and have missed out on their friends, sports, and other activities.  

Most children have been cooped up at home, interacting with their friends, classmates, and teachers digitally via video calling or online tutoring sessions, but nothing beats interactions and socialising with their friends in person.

This might be the time to think about booking for the Easter Camps, First Touch camps are booked via Will to Win (https://www.willtowin.co.uk/hyde-park-junior-football/). Camps give children the opportunity to interact with their peers and make new friends.

There are so many benefits for children who join our camp, it is fun time for beginners who will be able to learn the basic skills and give them the opportunity to pursue the game.  Camp is also a refresher for advanced players.

The coaches and mentors teach children to pursue what they want, helping them to foster a sense of independence.  Children learn to take responsibility for their success and actions while they are at camp without having to rely on their parents or guardians.

Your child does have a group of friends at school, but camp gives the opportunity to make new friends with the same interests as they have, letting them gain different skills and insights. Children joining our Multi-sports and Football Camps will be able to feel and see the progress that they make while performing different skill sets and drills, helping them to foster a sense to continue growing and setting goals for themselves. 

Our camps are held in a positive environment and our coaches encourage good work ethic and self-improvement that the children benefit from.  Children become confident in their abilities to give their best and to try to make it perfect.

Children partaking in sports camp learn to implement strategic thinking, they learn to manoeuvre around the other players, how to dribble, kick the football and shoot at the perfect angle as well as the force needed to pass the ball over a short distance or across the field.

In sports as well as schools, college, family and work, teamwork skills are important, at sports camp children learn that they need to rely on each other to succeed and achieve a common goal.

All children are welcome to join our sports camp, whether they are regular players or never played sport before, they will all get the opportunity to learn problem-solving skills, independence, teamwork, and other benefits that will help them in the classroom.

The health and safety of our children is our top priority, we follow the Government’s guidelines with social distancing and more frequent disinfecting processes, so do not let your children miss out due to the current pandemic.

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