The idea of warmer weather on the horizon and some great opportunities to get kids active in the sunshine made me realise how important physical activities are for kids. 

From the age of 2 and older kids should at least have 60 minutes of fun filled physical activities every day. Physical activities can improve emotional health, muscles and bones as kids’ muscles need to be used to become stronger. 

Muscle development is especially important, as kids have more than 600 muscles in their bodies which help them jump, run, and even carry their school bags full of books and as their muscles become stronger kids are able to do more things.  Kids develop muscle and implement fine motor skills quickly, which help kids manipulate sports, toys etc through small and large muscle movements.

As a parent you will notice a difference in your kids’ ability to climb, skip and balance, this is how they learn to coordinate their muscle movements through muscle control.

An example of fine motor movements advancing is  that a toddler will use his/her hand to try and pick up and eat fruit, when they get a bit older, they will start to use multiple fingers to pick it up and finally they will just use their thumb and index finger to pick the fruit up and eat it with precision.

At the ages of 6-11 years kids fine and gross motor skills become more refine and by enrolling your kids at First Touch FC for football as well as our Easter Camps, offering football, tennis and multi-sports, kids learn to begin playing organized sports. 

By enrolling your kid at our Multi-sport Camps give them the opportunity and ability to interact with kids from different locations, backgrounds and disciplines and they get the chance to get outside their comfort zone by participating in a multi-sport camp. It helps them develop in a more well-rounded way.  Skills often blend from one game to another, throwing a baseball may make a shot-putter tweak his stance and footwork from football agility practice may be helpful on the football field.

Kids need positive influences and camp include a list of physical and mental benefits for kids of various ages.  Multi-sports camps help give kids the tools to develop and succeed not only physically, but also socially and mentally as they grow.  They will also have fun while learning and gaining experience.

Youth athletes exposed to multi-sports are more consistent performers and  stay in sport longer.

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