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“Does a Coach Just Blow His Whistle?”

Over the weekend a little boy came up to me and asked me “does a coach just blow his whistle”? This got me thinking, “does a coach just blow his whistle”? After the session I took some time to think about the little boy’s comment as well as the First Touch coaches, how we do […]

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Benefit of Life Coaching for Children

Children today have a list of demands they find themselves dealing with, they have to manage expectations of their parents, teachers, friends, succeeding with their hobbies, personal development, their health, and simply having to make sense of the world around them. As parents we want to see our children succeed and not struggle, life coaching […]

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Sports – Mental Impact

As parents we sometimes forget how tough it can be to be a kid. Today kids must deal with a lot in our fast-paced world. To add to this technology has had an enormous impact on our kids’ well-being and that can include some negative ways.  Unfortunately, bullying is no longer limited to the four […]

Balanced diet
Healthy Eating & Activities

These days there is a lot of talk about fit kids from parents, doctors, and teachers who all cares, but how do we as parents achieve this? We say to our kids, eat well, get a lot of exercise and your body will work well, feel good and you can do things like run around […]

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A Coach’s View

As the head coach of First Touch FC, I would like to share my views and love for football, I do not want to bore you with all the details.  So, I started playing football as a very young child, playing wherever I could, in the street and local parks, unfortunately my parents were not […]

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Important Contribution that Football Offer Children

When I played football for the first time, I was not aware that the experience would serve me a lifetime.  The friends I made on the pitch and the positive energy that motivated and inspired me, till today I’m still reminded of the good times I had and recall those wonderful memories with a smile.  […]

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The time is here to get excited about summer camps.  Why not add an exciting week or more at First Touch/Will to Win Summer sports camp to their list!  They will love it. Sport camps gives your son or daughter the perfect opportunity to stay active and have loads of fun as the summer weeks […]

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Football & Muscles

Have you, as a parent, ever wondered how your child’s muscles work while they are playing football, well here are some facts. For kids playing football when kicking a ball it primarily engages the quadriceps, gluts and hamstrings muscles of the upper leg and in addition foot muscles, hip and core as well as the […]

kids celebrating football win
Benefits of Sport

According to statistics, six out of every 10 children between the ages of 5 and 14 years participate in sport outside of school. Health Surveys conducted has found that 25% of children and teenagers aged 5 to 17 years are overweight or obese, which indicates that we need to foster a more sports-minded culture and […]

kids celebrating football win
Indoor or Outdoor?

Is one better than the other? Today children are so often criticised for staying inside too much and not going out enough.  Unfortunately, outdoor play has been replaced with video games and consoles.  It is easy to determine that there are benefits of outdoor play and indoor play. Well balanced indoor play does not just […]

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