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Fun-Filled Weekend Football!

I honestly believe that being a football coach stays one of the most inspiring careers to have, not only because football is my passion, but the wonderful opportunity to train young children and being part of their dreams in becoming a profession football star one day. Standing at the pitches watching the young children coming […]

Little Boys Football Story

Our weekend football sessions are always filled with fun, whether it is playing football or just  listening to the young kids telling you a story.  One Saturday morning the weather was miserable but as always football was on, the kids played for a little while and the fog started getting thicker and it was really […]

kids celebrating football win

Last weekend one of our coaches was telling me how amazing it is to coach kids over the weekends and to think that all around the world boys and girls enjoys football as it is a sport for everyone. Weekend after weekend one can notice how football unifies kids and break down religious, economic, and […]

First Touch Football training

We have found that around the world, boys and girls play the world’s most famous sport – football, the beautiful game.  Football is a sport for everyone, all that is needed is a football and a pitch.  Football has the power to unify people and break down cultural, economic, and religious boundaries. Some of the […]

New 16

Our aim has been set on playing sports in a fun and engaging way for kids to learn important lessons about life.  It gives kids the opportunity to foster responsible social behaviour, academic success as well as fitness and health, and the important sense of belonging. As a sports club it is important to set […]



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