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Annotation 2020-03-27 112126
Tennis Balls!!

Another day of lock-down and another day to keep the kids occupied.  So today, First Touch is making use of the inexpensive, fuzzy yellow balls, yes tennis balls.  There are so many games kids could play using a tennis ball – let your imagination go to work. Great for hand-eye coordination, give the kids a […]

Annotation 2020-03-26 144608
Keep Active

So, we are stuck inside for several days to come and we need to release all the energy inside our bodies, especially the kids.  For adults it is easy to cope, we have our work to keep us busy and we understand why we need to stay in lock-down.  For kids it is difficult, and […]

Annotation 2020-03-25 120631
Stay Home Ideas

To try to contain the spread of the coronavirus force, we are having to stay home with only very occasional trips out for food, medicine and some fresh air.  By now we should all be aware to keep distance from one another and for those who are a family with kids this is going to […]

Annotation 2020-03-24 162713
Physical Activities

Having to stay at home is difficult as we are used to move around freely, go to work, shopping, socializing and taking part in physical activities.  We need to schedule our days with time to work, exercise and then one of the biggest challenges is to keep toddlers and young kids busy. To put it […]

Annotation 2020-03-23 121042
Fun & Games

Self-isolation or having to stay at home is like the whiplash you experience after an unexpected, abrupt halt after cruising at 70 miles per hour.  Working from home is also forcing us all to slow down and it is not all bad once you start realizing all the fulfilling and productive things to be done […]



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Coronavirus - Temporary Class Closures

It is with regret that we are forced to close the remaining Spring Term classes from Wednesday 18th March 2020 and the Easter Holiday Camp. The safety and wellbeing of our children, parents and coaches are of paramount importance to us and we support the measures introduced as we believe they are in the best interests of everyone.

Thank you First Touch