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Bizarre Football Stories

Football has some of the most humorous and bizarre stories around that will leave your shaking your head in disbelief. In 1945 Arsenal played a friendly against Dynamo Moscow at White Hart Lane in heavy fog.  Despite the urging of players to suspend play, the referee decided that play should go on. During this game, […]

Getting Back Into Football

At First Touch we are aware of the pressures that has been put on everyone worldwide and hopefully this come to an end, but until then we need to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy. Some good news our league football matches will be kicking off during September and we are looking […]

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Football Covers It All

Football Fun Football is extremely popular amongst adults as well as children and there are many benefits of playing football. Football is excellent exercises football practice, drills and games gives children an awesome cardiovascular workout and improves strength and flexibility.  Diving to stop the opponent from scoring and dashing down the field, leaping up to […]

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Old Fashioned Games

After weeks of lock-down and having to stay indoors as much as possible, we are running out of ideas how to keep the kids busy and we need to stick to a budget. The following games are easy to set up and will save the day from boredom and kids will have loads of fun. […]

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Football The Wonder Drug

Today we are all aware that any sport or physical activity will help to develop good movement skills and physical literacy. If we had to pick one sport that develop most capacities and skill it would have to be football. The basic levels of developing literacy include a long list of fundamental movement skills, the […]



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