Have you ever woken up with a craving for a certain kind of breakfast, well this morning was one of those days for me?  Oats made in a pot on the stove was my craving for this morning, with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  It brought back happy memories of my Mum getting up early in the morning to make sure that we all had a healthy breakfast before we went to school.

Today, as a sports coach, I would love to tell you that sport is all your kids need to help them with their learning journey, but that would not be 100% true, yes sport is import and helps immensely with kids’ education, but good nutrition is especially important. 

Young kids go through fast developing and learning periods and the right nutrition supports optimal brain function and gives them the ability to concentrate and focus on learning.

Start the day off with a healthy breakfast including carbohydrates, protein, and fat, try to avoid high carbohydrate breakfast like sugary refined cereal as this will increase blood sugar levels and thereafter it falls extremely low and could make a kid feel groggy later during the day.  Large amounts of sugar in the blood blocks the cells of the brain.  High protein such as oats, an egg or a serving of yoghurt is one of the easy ways to ensure optimal brain functioning.

Good proteins contain amino acids and are great for building blocks for the messengers your kid’s brain needs to help them stay energised throughout the day, allowing better learning and cognition. 

Protein plays an important part in our lives as it provides the nutrients to make our hair and nails grow, strong muscles, healthy skin, and organs.  It also helps to support healthy weight gain and reduce the risk of becoming overweight later in life.

Kids enjoy snacking between meals, instead of them grabbing a pack of chips, get them to try sliced uncooked veggies with a healthy dip or sliced fruit with yoghurt and a few nuts.

Remember kids often adopt the same eating habits we have, so it is important to set a good example.  Have at least one relaxed meal with the family a day, this gives kids the opportunity to tell you about their day.

There are so many ways to get kids active and involved in exercise, plus it is fun to do it together.  Start off by urging your child to walk, a three-year-old no longer needs to be in a buggy they can take a stroll in the park with you.  Do something active over the weekend, like walking, climbing, kicking a ball in the park or swimming as this could be loads of fun for the family.

Limiting your kids’ time watching TV, videos or using a smart device could be tough, let them rather spend their free time playing outside, jumping, skipping, running etc.

If your kid enjoys sport, register them with a sports club, First Touch is a great start for kids from 3 to 13 years.  Our club offers 1-hour sessions for 3-4 years to give them the opportunity to learn to share, make friends and ball mastering. 

Ages 5-13 years is the best age to advance your child’s learning of competitive football.  At First Touch we aim to empower your child to:

  • Build confidence.
  • Football IQ.
  • Develop essential skills.
  • Expand their social skills.

Finally, remember if your kid is learning quick and enjoying sports you are on the right track.

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