After weeks of lock-down and having to stay indoors as much as possible, we are running out of ideas how to keep the kids busy and we need to stick to a budget. The following games are easy to set up and will save the day from boredom and kids will have loads of fun.

These games are the old classics games and do require any fancy equipment.

  • Touch & Feel Boxes

This is a great indoor game to focus young kids on the sense of touch in a world so focused on the sense of sight. This will train their minds to associate information other than to just look at the object. Shoe boxes are great and can be easily cut with a scissors. Get the kids to decorate the boxes as part of the fun and cut out a child-sized hand hole on the side of the box. Place an item in each box and let the kids take turns to guess what the items are. You can encourage questions and offer clues as well.

  • I Spy

This is a wonderful sensory game for young kids to get to know the world around them. If your child has never played, you can start by picking out a secret object within plain view and saying, “I Spy something….”. If you only have 1 kid playing, he/she can keep guessing until he/she gets it right, if there are more kids then they can take turns looking around and guessing. The first kids who gets it correct get to spy something next.

  • Tape Maze

Create enough space on the floor, design a simple maze for toddlers and add dead ends to challenge older kids. For more exercise, the kids can dribble a small ball through the maze without crossing any of the taped lines. Time how long it takes the kids to move the ball through the maze and then encourage them to improve their time.

A number maze is a good variation for children who are learning number recognition and counting skills. Mark the numbers along the maze route and let the child follow in the correct order from start to exit.

  • Hangman

Children do need to know their letters to play this game. Start with simple three-letter words to practice spelling skills and increase the challenge for older kids with multiple words or phrases.  Give the kids a hint by telling them a category.

  • The Song Game

If you feel like just having some fun try the Song Game.  Get the youngest is your family to say a word and then each one gets a chance to sing a song containing the word that was mentioned. The player singing will stop on a word in their song and the next player needs to sing a song containing the word.

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