So many kids today believe that when they are bored the best way to pass the time is to watch television and play video games.  This most definitely does help with keeping kids busy, but kids playing a sport outside gets so many advantages no matter the season or weather.

Playing outside give kids free reign over their immediate environment, they can play to create anything they want giving a boost to their level of creativity.  Creativity is more than the game kids are engaged in, it has to do with how they throw or kick the ball, what they do with a football or how they think of a solution when their team is under duress.  Playing outdoors is a great outlet for imagination, joint First Touch FC football sessions to ignite the imagination of your child.

During our summer camp one kid had thick white cream stripes over his face and proudly said to the other kids “I am a warrior, the white cream on my face is to protect me against the sun.  Did you know that when you play outside you must always remember to protect yourself against the UVA and UVB rays by using a SPF cream.”  Another kid mentioned that sunlight is a source of Vitamin D, and it helps their bodies absorb calcium and makes their bones grow healthy.

Well to be honest, I could not resist to join their conversation and comment that outdoor sport enhances children’s immune systems, just like the body system learns intellectual activities it also learns to prevent many auto-immune diseases when playing outdoors.    One of the girls piped up and said, “My Granny is very slim and fit, even if she is old already, and she told me that she always played outside and did lots of sports, that is why she is still so fit and slim.”

As a sport coach it is a privilege to be part of training kids and hearing their comments when it comes to sport and playing.

Our multi-sports, football camps and weekend football sessions offer kids the opportunity to play sport with other kids outside, they learn the art of teamwork, a vital skill for their future place in the working world.  They learn to interact and make decisions as a group which is all a large part of what builds them to be social beings.

There are so many reasons why sport is important for kids, enrolling them at our summer multi-sports & football camp (https://www.willtowin.co.uk/hyde-park-junior-football/) or our weekend football (info@first-touch.co.uk) could be the inspiration they need to discover their true hidden potential.

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