Sometimes the holiday season leaves you feeling overwhelmed and out of control, it feels like the Grinch has stolen your holiday spirit and you need to reclaim your ho-ho-ho.

There are some amazing ideas to help you through your holiday season by keeping you healthy and happy.  Try to move more and do something active every day and have a healthy breakfast and good sleep every night. 

Special holiday events often serve up extra helping of less healthy foods, it is a good idea to eat a healthy snack before you go to avoid overdoing at the event.  Should you be hosting the event, challenge yourself to offer delicious and healthier options using your favourite recipes and cooking tips. Who knows your guests might be thanking you!

Your full social calendar during the holiday season might lead to you missing out on some of your workouts. If the weather is not to frightful, ride you bike or take a vigorous walk, also remember to keep your family moving, take the kids to the park and kick a ball around.

Always bear in mind that after a long year of work you deserve the gift of peace, so when the invitations pile up, do not be afraid to say no to some of them.  You also need some down time to recharge and do something that relaxes you.  Yoga, meditation and spending time in nature is always a good remedy.

Before you know your holiday season comes to an end and it is a great time to reset for the new year.  Take some time to go through your to-do list, if you go dashing through it you might not stick to your plan.  By laying out realistic and sustainable steps for the months ahead makes it much easier to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

Kick start your new year by enrolling your kids at First Touch football and league training.  First Touch will engage your children in stimulating football training, while you enjoy a productive weekend.  With kids and parents in mind, our ultimate goal is for your family to have fun while being active.

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