I am a firm believer in waking up early in the morning, even on bitterly cold mornings.  This morning was no different but somehow the saying “an early bird catches the worm” was the first thing I thought of as well as, why do we want to improve ourselves? I am sure that it is not just adults that would like to improve themselves, but children often share the same feelings.

Whether you want to replace bad habits, be more productive, improve your relationships, learn new things, or find emotional balance, remember developing yourself takes time and you have to patient. A good idea is to start by not trying to do too much at once, focus on one thing at a time.

There are  so many online courses that can expand your mindset, learning a new language is a great way to explore different cultures and even for travelling purposes. Learning a new language is an opportunity to practice patience, dedication, hard work and perseverance.

Learn to play a musical instrument, strumming a guitar or playing any musical instrument has so many benefits it is not only good for your brain, but also great for expanding your social circle. Get friends and family and start a musical  group, great for team building and leadership as well as a life-long passion.

For your time-out break instead of loafing on the sofa watching a movie or spending time on social media, try reading a book.  We are spoilt today with electronic books but going to the library and selecting books is still great fun, as it feels like a trip down memory lane. Whether you are into facts or fiction, reading can expand your knowledge, giving you the opportunity to “switch off” and enjoy your time-out.

Eating healthy can be a challenge, it is much easier to grab a pack of cookies or chips, but correct healthy eating has an impact on our wellbeing and happiness.  Start small and focus on consistency by eating three types of vegetables and fresh fruit every day.

Consider your media intake, especially for children, movies, social media, and podcasts as these also impacts our emotional and mental state and causes negative effects by increasing the risk of feeling depressed and lonely.  Try switching to inspiring and educational TV and motivational podcasts.

Now we come to my favourite part, sport and exercise,  there are reasons why most successful people exercise regularly. Sports and exercise boost our immune systems giving us more energy and helps us focus and get motivated. 

First Touch will engage your child in fun, creative and stimulating activities while you enjoy a productive weekend.  Our aim is to advance your child’s learning of competitive football and empower your child to:

  • Build confidence.
  • Football IQ.
  • Develop essential skills.
  • Expand their social skills.

Most days are filled with studies, work, reading books and watching TV, catching up with social media, texting friends, exercises, cleaning, running errands, and the list carries on feeling like it will never stop.  Make the time to just sit quietly watching the sunrise or sunset, it may feel odd at the beginning but learning to be with yourself and have no distractions is essential for self-development.

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