Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a drive to the shopping mall to price sports equipment, well who would have thought that this trip would be a nightmare.  I could not believe how impatient and rude people are at times on the road, from an impatient horn blowing when a vehicle took a little bit to long to drive when the robot turned green to someone taking a gap to squeeze in front of me where there was really no gap.  Sadly, in the mall it was no different and it seems like rude people are everywhere, whether it is a dismissive attitude, or an insulting comment rudeness is pervasive and often the negativity rubs off on us.

Well, at least as I walked into the sports shop, I was met by a friendly salesman who asked if he could help me.  I said that I would just like to look around first and then decide. Moving between the shelves with sports equipment, I came to the rows of cleats and I remembered so well the first day I laced up my pair of cleats and kicked my first football into the net, it felt like it was yesterday. As a young kid I immediately fell in love with football, I played hard and practiced as often as possible. 

My dreams were to become a pro, but things changed, and my choice was to become a sports coach.  Sports will always remain an important aspect in my life, as well as being able to train young children to reach their goals, and maybe one day turn professional.

Football offers so many benefits, not just physical health, but mental health. Physical exercise helps to build stronger muscles and bones, manage your weight, reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of heart disease later in life.

Joining First Touch League and/or 2v2 League teams offers social aspects and is great for children’s wellbeing.  First time joining a team could be a bit stressful as they might not know all the players, but football has a way of fast-tracking friendships. It is important to make new friends to maintain good mental health and being part of a team is one of the best ways to build human connections.

As soon as a child steps out on the pitch they are forced to apply themselves to the task at hand and they can leave behind thoughts and unhappiness. We all know that sport stimulates the release of endorphins which naturally releases “happy chemicals”.

Being part of a team teaches children the value of teamwork and helps develop leadership skills that they can apply in areas of their life.

After training or playing match, the body and mind is ready for a good night’s rest and we all know how important sleep is for overall wellbeing.

It makes me wonder if rude and impatient people every played sport in their lives?

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