When your child starts developing a passion for sports the best you can do is enrol them at a good sports club.  A sports club is the ideal place to develop your child’s skills in sports and it is essential for social skills.

At First Touch we give your child the opportunity to develop, offer encouragement and allow them to explore their interests. We believe in putting your children first so that at the end of the day they have experienced loads of fun. 

Our coaches are interested in creating a nurturing environment and takes good care of the equipment and encourages the children to do the same. Coaching children is hard work and coaches should be interested in encouraging your children to have a life-long passion for sports.  Some children will not want to take their sporting to a professional level, but a good coach will still push them to their best abilities.

We all know that fitness and health is important but good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is essential for all children, especially if they going to be active.  We do not want to turn our young kids into calorie counting kids, but they should understand the difference between snacking on fruit or a chocolate bar.  By making the right choices at a young age will hopefully stick with them for life.

By enrolling your children at First Touch for weekend football training, will ensure that they can always find time to train and have fun, mixing with their friends and to understand teamwork, as well as giving the parents peace of mind knowing that their children are receiving sports training in a safe environment.

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