First Touch FC believes in “Sports Done Right”, we are very passionate about football and the well-being of children.  It is crucial for children to be active every day, physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health.  Exercise improves health and even moderate physical activities has shown improvement in kids’ skill at arithmetic, reading and memorization. 

Our kids are what is important to all of us today, whether you are a parent, teacher or sports coach.  We all want kids to grow up health and try to prevent them suffering from possible high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer of the colon, obesity or coronary heart disease later in life.

By enrolling your kids for football at First Touch your kids will not just get exercise, as football give kids more than just exercise, it contributes to a kid’s development both psychologically and socially.  We need to emphasize that football is an important learning environment for kids by developing self-esteem and self-worth.  Kids will rather play football than do anything else and because football is important to kids and being good at football it is a strong social asset. 

Young boys in particular use football to measure themselves against their friends and kids who are competent at football are more easily accepted by kids of their own age and more likely to become team captains and group leaders.  Due to this factor such kids usually have better social skill. 

First Touch coaches’ primary goal is to help kids find the success in football and make them feel valued and wanted, as every kid can be successful.  It is crucial to understand why kids participate in football as kids have many reasons for getting involved and their reasons change from day to day.  In general kids participate in football in order to have fun, improve skills, belong to a group, be successful and find excitement.  At First Touch we encourage kids to stay involved in football as it makes them feel good, they need to feel wanted, joyful and valued.   If a child fails the first time or even the tenth time, we keep boosting them as kids might feel incompetent and rejected.

First Touch coaches have developed communication skills to truly excel and build strong relationships with the players.  Active listening is a communication skill that guarantees clear, mutually understood communication that makes players more willing to talk to the coach as well as promoting a more meaningful relationship between the coach and the player. Our coaches are good listeners and pay full attention to the player’s words and signal their attention to the player.

We have found four common pitfalls that lead to communication break downs that must always be avoided:

  • Bias – such as in the form of personal prejudice or anger will affect how well coaches listen and how they perceive what the player is saying.
  • Environmental Factors – such as temperature, noise and limited time after or during a game or practice could cause coaches to focus their attention on other factors besides what the player is saying.
  • Rehearsing a Response – this takes place when a coach catches the drift of what the player is saying or anticipate it’s their turn to speak, so they begin to rehearse a response, thereby missing parts of the message.
  • Hot Words – certain words that kids react to, i.e. play favourites, don’t know what you are doing or stupid, these words causes the player to concentrate on the emotion of the word or it’s implications and this leads to the player losing sight of what is being said.

It is quick and easy to enrol your kids at First Touch go to www.first-touch.co.uk, click on the link Saturday or Sunday football https://www.first-touch.co.uk/saturday-football-training/ and proceed to enrolling you kids.

First Touch’s ultimate goal is for your kids to have fun, master their football and be active in a safe environment.

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